Pirate Reef Scavenger Hunt


This is a scavenger hunt for elementary school kids who can read. It should take about 15 minutes to complete as long as each spot of the scavenger hunt has been spread out across a wide space (such as from one side of the house to another or extending into the backyard). An adult should set up each of the 5 stations and place a bucket or pirate’s chest full of a prize such as chocolate coins or mardi gras beads around the house and leave a typed  clue at each location. This activity costs as about $12 for a dozen kids plus the price of ink and paper. A parent should read the story (below) to set the tone and follow the kids in case they need help to figure out the clues. Leave a comment below to let me know what you thought of this activity or let me know how it went if you tried it out at your own party.

Needed Materials:

  1. A Printer to print images:
    • Brain Coral
    • Long-spined Sea Urchin
    • Yellow Tube Sponge
    • Lion Fish
    • Blue Angel Fish
  2. scissors to cut out images
  3. Poster putty or tape
  4. A bucket
  5. Enough of prize for all of the party guests such as:
    • plastic pirate coins
    • chocolate gold coins (gelt)
    • mardi gras beads

The Story:

One of Blackbeard’s crew members fell asleep while guarding the booty! Arg! A big wave hit the side of the ship and the coins fell overboard. Arg! He was startled when he found out he was sleeping next to an empty treasure chest. He took a dingy (a small boat) out to find the treasure, but he couldn’t retrieve the treasure because he can’t swim. He needs all of you (the children) to help him out. He wrote down some spots where the treasure may be. Let’s go help him!

Here is his first clue (image of brain coral): I saw a coral under water. It would look like brain to anyone who sought her.

The second clue (image of a long-spined sea urchin): If you touch this animal it’ll hurt, so if you’re near it, stay alert.

The third clue (image of a yellow tube sponge): The sink sponges are like a square, but this sponge is shaped like a tube with flair.

The fourth clue (image of a lion fish): This fish has stripes and poisonous spikes. It’s a pretty fish until it strikes.

The fifth and final clue (image of a blue angel fish): This fish has fins like an angel’s wings and under him is a treasure fit for a king.

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