Spa Nails


This is a must-do activity for any spa party. The mini nail salon is good for tween-agers and teens. It will last about 45 minutes and may cost around $45 to buy all materials.

Materials Needed:

  1. Nail polish (3 polish colors)
  2.  fans
  3. a base coat
  4. an upper coat
  5. optional: nail stickers


First of all, make sure that all of the girls have clean nails that don’t already have nail polish on them. If they are wearing nail polish, then you should help them take it off using nail polish remover to make sure that the nail polish remover doesn’t accidentally spill and ruin something.

You should set up the table with a disposable table cloth in labeled stations: water soak, base coat, nail polish, driers, stickers, and top coat . It is best to stagnate the kids so that no more than 3 kids are waiting to go to any station other than the drying station.

The first station the kids should go to is the water soak station.  This station should consist of two to three tiny bowls. Add marbles to the bottom of the tiny bowls to make it fancy. Have the kids soak their fingers for about 30 seconds and then have them dry their fingers using paper towels or regular towels.

The second station should be the the top coat station. Each girl should apply their own top coat and then wait 1 minute before moving onto the next station.

The next station is for putting on nail polish. You should have at least 3 different nail polish colors available for the girls to choose from. Have them paint 1-2 coats and then sit in front of the fan(s) for about 10 minutes.

When the nails are mostly dry, you can have them move onto the nail sticker station or the top coat station. The nail stickers are often hard to get off, so they may need help to take off the stickers and put them on. Put the top coat on next and then have the girls go back to the fans. The nails  should be fully dry in 20 minutes.

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