Sharks and Minnows


Having a pool party? This game’ll be awesome for entertaining the kids. Your only prerequisite will be that you’ll need a pool (and we also recommend hiring a life guard if you’re going to be playing this in your own backyard). It’s a fun game for ages 6+, especially those that are good swimmers. Other than paying the lifeguard your negotiated amount, this game costs nothing!

Materials Needed:

  1. a mostly straight-lined pool
  2. possibly a life guard (you can always ask around the neighborhood, your religious institution i.e. church, or manager of the local town pool to find certified, teen life guards who’d be happy to watch and make sure that everyone stays safe).

Instructions for play:

Pick or have the kids volunteer a shark to stand in the middle of the pool. The shark should be a strong swimmer. Have the minnows line up against the pool edge facing the shark.

To begin the game, have the shark call out “fishy, fishy, cross my ocean” or whatever variation the kids prefer. The minnows must then swim to the other side of the pool. When they touch the pool wall opposite of where they started, then they are safe. If a shark tags one of the minnows as he or she swims across, then that minnow will become a shark. The shark must wait until all of the kids are touching the other wall until he or she can call out “fishy, fishy cross my ocean.”

Play until there is only one minnow left. That minnow should become the shark for the next round. I would say repeat the entire process all over again, but there are many variations of the game.

Check out this wiki how page to read about the difference versions of the game:


Draw a memory


This is a fun, calm activity inspired by the movie “Inside Out”. Just like the movie, each colored paper should correspond to a memory (red is angry, blue is sad, yellow is happy, green is disgust, and purple is fear). This may entertain the kids for about 15 minutes and it would be a great way for all of the kids to wait for the guests to show up. It’ll cost about $15 to set up.

Materials Needed:

  1. red, blue, yellow, green, and purple paper
  2. crayons, colored pencils, or markers
  3. optional: pom poms and glue/ glitter glue

Remember when? – Inside Outside Birthday Game


This game is inspired by the Disney movie “Inside Out”. Each color represents a different emotion just like the movie. It’s great for kids, but tweens may find it tiresome. It may take about 30 minutes to play. If you get balloons, it should cost about $1.30 to do the activity.

Materials Needed:

  1. A red ball/balloon
  2. A blue ball/balloon
  3. A green ball/balloon
  4. A purple ball/balloon
  5. A yellow ball/balloon
  6. A music player with a music source such as a phone


We will start with 1 memory ball that I will throw into the group. The memory ball is very fragile. It can’t touch the floor! I’ll play music, but when the music stops, you should freeze except for the person who last touched or is currently touching the memory. The person with the memory ball will act out the emotion. RED: angry, BLUE: sad, YELLOW: happy, GREEN: disgusted, PURPLE: scared.

(After 2 turns, swap the ball for a different color. When you go through most of the colors, surprise everyone by keeping all 5 balls in play while the music plays. Then transition into a more exciting activity such as bringing out the birthday cake.)

County Fair Guessing Game


This is a must-do activity for any carnival party. It requires no supervision, but it does require 2-5 stuffed animal prizes. Best of all, kids will come home with animals that the parents won’t have to take care of! Each stuffed animal may cost $7-$10 and you should use recyclable materials for the boxes. It will take the kids about 1 minute to guess per animal and will take over five minutes to award the winners at the end.

Materials Needed:

  1. 2-5 stuffed animals
  2. About 2-5 pieces of paper (lined or blank) for the guests to write the guesses on
  3. 10 pens or pencils
  4. sharpies to write and decorate the boxes
  5. 2-5 repurposed tissue boxes or jars to hold the slips


Set out the 2-5 stuffed animals on a table and put a jar with clean slips of paper near the animal. Print out each animals’ instructions and put them close to the animal. Each instruction should be something like “guess how much the pig weighs” or “how tall is the horse.”

You should read out who the winner of each animal is at the end of the party. Gather the kids together to tell them right before the parents come to pick the kids up.

Four Biomes Running Game


This Zootopia inspired game works perfectly for any animal lover’s birthday party! There were many biome boroughs in Zootopia, but we’ll use four for the game. This game works best in a large room with four corners to minimize children bumping into each other. This game should only cost whatever it costs to print 4 pieces of paper. Feel free to use our questions or come up with some of your own! Please let us know if you played this game and if you liked it!

Materials Needed:

  1. A stop watch to time 5-10 seconds to make a decision
  2. 4 pieces of paper that name/depict the tundra, the desert, the rainforest, and the savannah

Sample Questions:

Ages 3-6

  1. Where do polar bears live? Tundra 
  2. Where do lions live? Savannah
  3. Where do sloths live? Rainforest
  4. Where do camels live? Desert
  5. What is the coldest biome? Tundra
  6. Where does the animal with the longest neck in the world live? Savannah- giraffe
  7. Where would I find the world’s slowest animal? The Rainforest- it’s the 3-toed sloth
  8. Where would I find the world’s fastest animal? Savannah-cheetah

Ages 7+

  1. What biome has the largest land mammal? Savannah
  2. What biome has a winter that lasts 6-10 weeks? Tundra
  3. What biome receives less than 10 inches of rain each year? Desert
  4. What biome’s name actually means ‘an abandoned place’? Desert
  5. Where would I find the world’s largest rodent? Rainforest- capybara
  6. Where can I find a lizard that runs on water? Rainforest- Basilisk Lizard 
  7. Where would I find the world’s loudest monkey? Rainforest- Howler monkey
  8. Where would I find animals that live in a pride? Savannah- Lions

First Year Wishes Book

We did! We’ve had 100 visitors to the page! Let’s celebrate with another party idea!


A baby’s first birthday is a huge milestone. You might have had a smooth first year with the baby or a bumpy one. Either way, this is a party activity that every friend and member of the family can participate in. All you need is a book (preferably a fancy book with heavy paper) and two fancy pens, which may cost you about $20 to for everything.

Materials Needed:

  1. A fancy book
  2. 2-3 fancy pens with good quality ink.
  3. A paper printed with the instructions

Instructions to put near the book:

Hi everyone! We wanted everyone to give (insert baby’s name here) a present that he/she’ll always remember, so we would like for you to write him/her a wish, a message, or some advice that he/she can look back on throughout her life! Thanks!

– the happy parents

Hula Dancing for kid’s birthday party


This is a good activity for pool parties or parties with a tropical theme. Just make sure that you have enough space so that everyone can dance without bumping into each other and see the TV screen. All that you need is a DVD that teaches you how to hula dance or a good video from YouTube. Make sure that you screen it before you decide to use it for the party. The kids will be entertained for the duration of the video.

Materials Needed:

1. Hula dancing DVD or video from the Internet


Zootopia Animals Costume Contest


This party activity idea comes from the movie “Zootopia.” These animals dressed like professional people. If you decide to hold a costume contest for this party theme, then you should mention that you want the guests to come dressed for a profession and as an animal such as a ballet rabbit, a police lion, a firefighter wolf, etc. This activity will cost about $4 per ribbon, about $7 for construction paper to make your own ribbons, or whatever the price of ink is for your computer if you decide to print out the certificates.

Materials Needed:

1. ribbons or printed certificates

Sample prizes to give:

  1. Looks most like a Zootopia character
  2. Cutest costume
  3. Coolest Costume
  4. Stays in character the best
  5. Most original costume
  6. Dynamic duo (x2)
  7. Best costume
  8. Best costume runner up
  9. Funniest costume
  10. Most creative costume
  11. Most unique costume
  12. Coolest Profession

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Stained Glass Windows Activity for Children


Stained glass windows can be seen all over Europe. This craft is great for any knight or princess party.See how it’ll look in the video below!


Materials Needed:

  1. a page to copy onto tracing paper
  2. tracing paper
  3. markers (2-3 packs worth so that there’ll be minimum fighting over the colors)
  4. ruler
  5. tape

Instructions for younger kids:

Let each child know that they have one stained glass window to color in (You’ll need to copy the images onto the tracing paper for them in advance). Make sure they sign their names on their tracing paper so that you won’t give the wrong child the wrong piece of paper. This may entertain them for 10 minutes or so.

Instructions for older kids:

Give each child 1-2 pieces of tracing paper and instruct them to pick a pattern to copy. Tape the tracing paper over the paper they want to copy. Let them do their own thing, but remind them to write their names. If want it to look really nice, have pre-cut pieces of black construction paper with a hole for the tracing paper to shine through. This may entertain them for 30 minutes or so.

Bella Bellows Game


This is a fun party activity for a ballet party. It follows the same rules as Simon says, but you start every command with Bella bellows instead of Simon says. The only requirement is that all of the party attendees must know the 5 ballet positions. This activity doesn’t cost any money and it may take over 15 minutes to play.



Tell the party-goers to spread out across a large, clear space. Make them fold their hands out and spin in place once. If they hit someone, then they need to move father apart. Demonstrate the 5 positions and have all of the little girls match your poses. An adult should lead Bella Bellows and ask the girls to get in one of these five positions as the game progresses. If someone is too slow or does the wrong position, then that child is out.