Stained Glass Windows Activity for Children


Stained glass windows can be seen all over Europe. This craft is great for any knight or princess party.See how it’ll look in the video below!


Materials Needed:

  1. a page to copy onto tracing paper
  2. tracing paper
  3. markers (2-3 packs worth so that there’ll be minimum fighting over the colors)
  4. ruler
  5. tape

Instructions for younger kids:

Let each child know that they have one stained glass window to color in (You’ll need to copy the images onto the tracing paper for them in advance). Make sure they sign their names on their tracing paper so that you won’t give the wrong child the wrong piece of paper. This may entertain them for 10 minutes or so.

Instructions for older kids:

Give each child 1-2 pieces of tracing paper and instruct them to pick a pattern to copy. Tape the tracing paper over the paper they want to copy. Let them do their own thing, but remind them to write their names. If want it to look really nice, have pre-cut pieces of black construction paper with a hole for the tracing paper to shine through. This may entertain them for 30 minutes or so.

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