Zootopia Animals Costume Contest


This party activity idea comes from the movie “Zootopia.” These animals dressed like professional people. If you decide to hold a costume contest for this party theme, then you should mention that you want the guests to come dressed for a profession and as an animal such as a ballet rabbit, a police lion, a firefighter wolf, etc. This activity will cost about $4 per ribbon, about $7 for construction paper to make your own ribbons, or whatever the price of ink is for your computer if you decide to print out the certificates.

Materials Needed:

1. ribbons or printed certificates

Sample prizes to give:

  1. Looks most like a Zootopia character
  2. Cutest costume
  3. Coolest Costume
  4. Stays in character the best
  5. Most original costume
  6. Dynamic duo (x2)
  7. Best costume
  8. Best costume runner up
  9. Funniest costume
  10. Most creative costume
  11. Most unique costume
  12. Coolest Profession

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