First Year Wishes Book

We did! We’ve had 100 visitors to the page! Let’s celebrate with another party idea!


A baby’s first birthday is a huge milestone. You might have had a smooth first year with the baby or a bumpy one. Either way, this is a party activity that every friend and member of the family can participate in. All you need is a book (preferably a fancy book with heavy paper) and two fancy pens, which may cost you about $20 to for everything.

Materials Needed:

  1. A fancy book
  2. 2-3 fancy pens with good quality ink.
  3. A paper printed with the instructions

Instructions to put near the book:

Hi everyone! We wanted everyone to give (insert baby’s name here) a present that he/she’ll always remember, so we would like for you to write him/her a wish, a message, or some advice that he/she can look back on throughout her life! Thanks!

– the happy parents

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