Four Biomes Running Game


This Zootopia inspired game works perfectly for any animal lover’s birthday party! There were many biome boroughs in Zootopia, but we’ll use four for the game. This game works best in a large room with four corners to minimize children bumping into each other. This game should only cost whatever it costs to print 4 pieces of paper. Feel free to use our questions or come up with some of your own! Please let us know if you played this game and if you liked it!

Materials Needed:

  1. A stop watch to time 5-10 seconds to make a decision
  2. 4 pieces of paper that name/depict the tundra, the desert, the rainforest, and the savannah

Sample Questions:

Ages 3-6

  1. Where do polar bears live? Tundra 
  2. Where do lions live? Savannah
  3. Where do sloths live? Rainforest
  4. Where do camels live? Desert
  5. What is the coldest biome? Tundra
  6. Where does the animal with the longest neck in the world live? Savannah- giraffe
  7. Where would I find the world’s slowest animal? The Rainforest- it’s the 3-toed sloth
  8. Where would I find the world’s fastest animal? Savannah-cheetah

Ages 7+

  1. What biome has the largest land mammal? Savannah
  2. What biome has a winter that lasts 6-10 weeks? Tundra
  3. What biome receives less than 10 inches of rain each year? Desert
  4. What biome’s name actually means ‘an abandoned place’? Desert
  5. Where would I find the world’s largest rodent? Rainforest- capybara
  6. Where can I find a lizard that runs on water? Rainforest- Basilisk Lizard 
  7. Where would I find the world’s loudest monkey? Rainforest- Howler monkey
  8. Where would I find animals that live in a pride? Savannah- Lions

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