County Fair Guessing Game


This is a must-do activity for any carnival party. It requires no supervision, but it does require 2-5 stuffed animal prizes. Best of all, kids will come home with animals that the parents won’t have to take care of! Each stuffed animal may cost $7-$10 and you should use recyclable materials for the boxes. It will take the kids about 1 minute to guess per animal and will take over five minutes to award the winners at the end.

Materials Needed:

  1. 2-5 stuffed animals
  2. About 2-5 pieces of paper (lined or blank) for the guests to write the guesses on
  3. 10 pens or pencils
  4. sharpies to write and decorate the boxes
  5. 2-5 repurposed tissue boxes or jars to hold the slips


Set out the 2-5 stuffed animals on a table and put a jar with clean slips of paper near the animal. Print out each animals’ instructions and put them close to the animal. Each instruction should be something like “guess how much the pig weighs” or “how tall is the horse.”

You should read out who the winner of each animal is at the end of the party. Gather the kids together to tell them right before the parents come to pick the kids up.

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