Remember when? – Inside Outside Birthday Game


This game is inspired by the Disney movie “Inside Out”. Each color represents a different emotion just like the movie. It’s great for kids, but tweens may find it tiresome. It may take about 30 minutes to play. If you get balloons, it should cost about $1.30 to do the activity.

Materials Needed:

  1. A red ball/balloon
  2. A blue ball/balloon
  3. A green ball/balloon
  4. A purple ball/balloon
  5. A yellow ball/balloon
  6. A music player with a music source such as a phone


We will start with 1 memory ball that I will throw into the group. The memory ball is very fragile. It can’t touch the floor! I’ll play music, but when the music stops, you should freeze except for the person who last touched or is currently touching the memory. The person with the memory ball will act out the emotion. RED: angry, BLUE: sad, YELLOW: happy, GREEN: disgusted, PURPLE: scared.

(After 2 turns, swap the ball for a different color. When you go through most of the colors, surprise everyone by keeping all 5 balls in play while the music plays. Then transition into a more exciting activity such as bringing out the birthday cake.)

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