Octopus Pool Game


Another great pool party game that’ll entertain everyone. You’ll just need a pool (and we also recommend hiring a life guard if you’re going to be playing this in your own backyard). It’s a fun game for ages 6+, especially those that are good swimmers. Even the older kids may want join in at the family reunion around the pool. Other than paying the lifeguard your negotiated amount, this game costs nothing!

Note: In order to generate more interest amongst the children or to use this game for a Finding Dory party/Finding Nemo party, tell the kids that it’s Hank the Octopus’ favorite game. 

Materials Needed:

  1. pool
  2. possibly a life guard (you can always ask around the neighborhood, your religious institution i.e. church, or manager of the local town pool to find certified, teen life guards who’d be happy to watch and make sure that everyone stays safe).


Choose one child (or adult) or have the group elect someone to be the octopus. They’ll be “it” for the game, or you simply call them the octopus.

Like the game Sharks and Minnows (link), the people that aren’t it should line up at one end of the pool and all try to swim across at once. You can have the octopus say something to start the new round such as “All clear, no octopi here” or not. Anyone who swims across without being tagged is safe. Anyone who was tagged, must hold hands with the octopus in the center of the pool.

The kids should create more of a spiral than a line. The newly tagged now have the ability to tag the swimmers trying to get across.

The last one standing should become the new octopus if you decide to play the game again.

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