Free, Last Minute 4th of July Idea


Happy 4th of July! You’re either on this post because 1) you’re not celebrating this Holiday and it popped up in your feed or 2) you’re desperately looking for something to entertain the kids that you don’t have to run out to the store for last minute. Well, you’re in luck if you’re person number 2!

This will work well if you have many of the family/neighborhood elementary school aged kids over. Middle school and above will be too cool for this. Suggest that they organize into a parade. They’re already over in the yard and decorated for the party, right? You can even turn this into a bit of a talent show. Have your soccer star son do some of those trick moves he’s been practicing, your daughter can twirl across the yard with your niece, and cousin Sam can show off his Power Ranger/yellow belt moves.

The kids should organize themselves and ask you to get everyone’s attention when they are ready.¬†When the time comes, just ask your fellow adults to turn their attention to the parade.

The time this’ll take may be 10 minutes to 45 minutes to get ready depending on what the children decide to do. The cost? Well, everyone’s feeds may explode in the cute pictures and videos of the parade. Have fun!

If you end up doing this and having fun, let us know! Comment or send us a picture here or on Facebook or Twitter.

Materials Needed:

whatever you can find in your backyard

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