Pokémon Go Party


A Pokémon Go Party is really just hanging out with friends who also own the Pokémon Go, but calling it a party makes it much more fun. This party is more of movable feast for you and your friends (or your child’s friends) to get out and explore the neighborhood safely.

Decide to meet at someone’s house or a pokéstop such as a safe, indoor mall and see how many people are up for wandering around. Make sure to set up spotters. No, they don’t spot pokémon for you. The spotters should be the friend to tell you to get out of the middle of the road while you’re pokémon hunting. Not everyone sees the same pokémon at the same spots. This can vary based on level.

Check out the ideas below and please let me know what you think!

Things to Pack (print and cross out all that apply):

  1. phone
  2. phone chargers
  3. a small cooler filled with cold water (dehydration is serious, but feel free to sneak other things in there.)
  4. a bag filled with some sort of snack (see snacks below)
  5. pokémon team pride (see below the snacks)

Possible Themed Snacks:

Oran berries– pack handfuls or so of blue berries in snack sized packages labelled oran berries. Keep them somewhere that they won’t get smooshed.

Dried Pinap Berries– Pokémon has a berry called the pinap berry, which looks a lot like pineapples. Even the name sounds like pineapple! Buy some dried pineapple from the store (I personally like Trader Joe’s line) and tell the members of your party that its dried pinap.

Dried Cheri Berries– Cheri berries kind of look like cherries. Why not just pick up dried cherries from the store? Tell guests that its dried cheri berries. You can even mix the two together.  If you’re noticing a pattern here and want to use your own local dried fruits then you should check out the image below. There are so many different types of berries that you can mix and match to your local offerings. Just be careful not to mix too many different types of berries or else the kids (or guests) will see right through your poké berry rouse. montage-berries

Moo moo milk– moo moo milk is sold in any game where miltanks can be found. It was first introduced in the jhoto region. So far Pokémon Go only has Kanto region pokémon, but it’s a festive treat. Just keep it cold while you’re out and about. Instructions in video.

Poffin– based off of the poffins used to increase a pokémon status boosters for competitions. Only for the paking inclined. Instructions in video.

Pokeball cake pops– only for the baking inclined. Instructions in video.

Pokemon Team Pride

Pokémon Go consists of 3 teams: Team Valor (red), Team Mystic (blue), and Team Instinct (yellow). Each one of these has the mascot of one of the 3 original mythical Pokémon that you could catch in all of the Pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow games. If you’re having a more formal party or if you’re going to have everyone come to your house beforehand, then you might want to consider having people create their own team swag.


Not all friends are part of the same team. For instance, I’m on Team Mystic and one of my best friends is on Team Instinct. Had we been playing together, we may have joined the same team, but we only started texting about it 3 days after the game became available. I recommend doing a survey beforehand to see how many people are part of a certain team.

First of all, you should decide what item you want to have your friends decorate. Some examples may include canvas backpacks, water bottle holders, bracelets, and shirts.

In order to decorate your item of choice you should grab fabric markers, other fabric decorators, and special paper that you can print out images on and iron on to the fabric. You should print out the right amount of iron-on images from below so that everyone can iron on their right team. Y0u should probably do this before everyone gets to your place. Let people decorate their swag as they want. They may want to put their username on their piece for instance. Have fun!


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