Doubloon Hunt


Argh! A little parrot told us that ye was going to have a pirate pool party! No? Well, even if ye ain’t this is a fine game to play. It costs about $16 for 10 kids and how long it keeps the kids entertained may vary. It may take 5-10 minutes for the kids to play depending on how many kids are playing (the more kids, the less time this activity will take up). This is fun for ages 6+.

Materials Needed:

  1. A pool
  2. Possibly a lifeguard
  3. Plastic doubloons (a pack of 144’ll cost about $6 not including shipping off of Amazin)
  4. Optional: nets or mesh bags to put the coins into while they collect them – expect about $1 per small, mesh, jewelry bag from the craft store . If not, you may want to put each child’s name on duct tape by the pool and show them where their names are. They can then pile up their treasure at their designated spots.


Before the party, let the other parents know that this is a pool party in which the kids are expected to bring a change of clothes and goggles. Goggles will make the game easier.

Make sure that the pool you are using won’t get damaged if the small, plastic coins are in them. If you’re using somebody else’s pool, then make sure that the game is okay with them before putting it into your itenerary.

With or without the kids watching, poor the Duobloons into the pool at various sites so that the coins are spread out. Wait a minute or two before by telling the kids the story and letting them jump into the pool.

This is the point where it’s good to have a life guard to watch the kids. The kid that brings up the most coins wins. You can let them keep their bags of booty or have them empty it out to start again.


Who here knows what a Doubloon is? (Wait for answers. See if anyone gets it right).

A doubloon is a Spanish, gold coin that was used as money when Spain was colonizing the Americas. Pirates liked to steal the Spanish doubloons, but if there was a problem or they weren’t good pirates, their stolen booty would end up scattered all over the ocean floor.

I heard a rumor that some of Blackbeard’s (or preferred pirate) treasure is floating around this pool! Let’s see who can get the most.

No running, pulling other players’ hair or sinking them down, or stealing from their bags (or piles). Ready! Set! Go!

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