Yoshi Egg Hunt


Any Mario lover will love this great game at his or her party! It’ll take the kids about 5-1o minutes to complete their search and $41 to entertain about a dozen kids.Even if it’s not near Easter time, you can order a pack of eggs off of Amazon at any point in time. The kids can have all of the fun of an Easter egg hunt without it actually being Easter.

Materials Needed:

  1. white spray paint ~ $8
  2. newspaper to set up for the craft
  3. a mixed bag of wrapped candy ~ $5
  4. 1-3 dozen plastic eggs ~ $15 on Amazon
  5. Either a green acrylic paint marker/paint + brush or multiple acrylic paints ~ $6 per color
  6. something for the kids to collect the eggs in ~ $7 for a dozen on Oriental Trading


Set the newspaper down outside and use heavy objects such as rocks to hold the edges of the paper down. Open up all of the Easter eggs so that the inside of the eggs face down towards the newspaper. Spray paint the eggs. Look for a craft store variety of spray paint that is formulated to adhere to plastic. (Not all spray paints are the same. My college roommate and I found that out when she used metal spray paint for her stencil T-shirt craft. The results were upsetting to say the least.) You should coat the eggs three times so that they look white. The only way to get around this step would be to find white, plastic easter eggs.

Once the eggs are smooth and dry, you can take them inside to draw the circles on them. Yoshi eggs have a specific look:


You have two options for the game’s direction: an egg finding free-for-all or an egg scavenger hunt. Different colored Yoshi will lay different colored eggs. A red yoshi will lay a red egg. The scavenger hunt will be harder for you to create, but it may also take the kids longer to find all of the eggs. The choice is up to you.

If you’re going to create just one egg color, then I recommend that you use a green acrylic paint marker. It’ll be faster and easier to create the fat ovals on the egg than it would be to use a paint brush. The originators of this craft idea also suggested using a sharpie if you have the right colors. I personally think that sharpies will run out of ink and cause way more problems then using the acrylic paint.

If you’re going to create an egg scavenger hunt, then you should be aware of the different colors that Yoshi eggs come in. The most common colors are green, red, blue, yellow, light blue, and brown. It’s harder to find pink eggs. Game players rarely find purple eggs. They can hardly find orange, white, and black eggs while playing the game.


If you’re going to have a scavenger hunt, then type out a sheet of what types of eggs the players can find. For example, if you’re having a dozen kids over and bought 3 dozen eggs, then you should¬†let the kids know that they need to find one green egg, one blue egg, and one black egg. Each one should have its own candy inside. I.e. green eggs for have milky ways and blue eggs could have jolly ranchers.

On the day of the party, scatter the Yoshi eggs around the yard or house. Make sure that they’re not too obvious for else the game will be over quickly.


Mario’s friend, Yoshi, has been seen around the yard/house. I think I saw a pack of them this morning. They’ve laid eggs around the yard/house and you guys should help pick them up. Any questions? On your marks… Get set… Go!

Inspired from: http://ournerdhome.com/super-mario-diy-yoshi-eggs/

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