Disney Trivia


Having an adult Disney party of some sort? It’s fun to exercise your knowledge (or guessing skills) with friends. Trivia has been a staple of college town entertainment for years. Bring the fun home in hosting your own trivia party. You can ask the questions however you want, but I wrote the questions in the fashion that my favorite trivia place, Trident Book Store on Newbury Street in Boston, MA, does. They make the trivia questions multiple choice. This may entertain guests for about 45 minutes to an hour and should cost $5 for a prize plus whatever the cost of ink and paper is.

Materials Needed:

  1. printed trivia questions on a sheet
  2. a possible prize
  3. optional: trivia fill in sheets
  4. pens


I’m going to instruct this is the same way as my favorite trivia place. You can play how ever you want, but this is the explanation for the bookstore’s method. Pick 5 of the following trivia topics and 5 questions about that trivia topic. Copy and paste your choice them onto a Word Doc, Google Doc, or something similar. We made the right answer in bold italics.

Next copy and paste the following answer sheet onto another document:







Have your friends divide themselves evenly into a groups. Explain that this is a multiple choice trivia game and that the group that wins will win a prize of some sort. As the host who is planning the activity, you should not play and merely direct others how to play because you’ve seen the answers.

When you start a themed section of trivia questions, let everyone know what the theme is. Read one question at a time and read the same question twice.

Sample Trivia Questions:


1. Which Hand Christian Anderson Story is Frozen inspired by?

A) The Ice Maiden

B) Through the Picture Frame

C) The Snow Queen

D) The Angel

2. What is the design of Anna and Elsa’s family crest?

A) a gold flower over a purple and green banner

B) a knight’s helmet over over a white and blue banner

C) an orange bird over a green banner

D) a red flower over a purple and pink banner

3. How many salad plates do Anna and Elsa own?

A) 100

B) 1,000

C) 8,000

D) 10,000

4. How does the Duke of Weselton describe his dancing style?

A) like an agile peacock

B) like a chicken with the face of a monkey

C) the little dipper

D) all of the above

5.What is the name of the snowman built to protect Elsa’s ice palace?

A) Bob

B) Fredrick

C) Snowball

D) Marshmallow

The Lion King

1. What does Rafiki mean in Swahili?

A) Wise

B) Friend

C) Monkey

D) Strange

2. Which of the William Shakespeare’s works is the Lion King supposed based off of?

A) Hamlet

B) MacBeth

C) The Tempest

D) King Leer

3. What was the lion king’s original title?

A) A Lion Tale

B) Pride Rock

C) King of the Jungle

D) Simba

4. What does the opening line of the circle of life mean when translated into English?

A) “the sun rises over pride rock”

B) “we are all connected, we are all a circle”

C) “we await the arrival of the king”

D) “here comes a lion, father, oh, yes it’s a lion”

5. What is one of Pumba’s titles in the movie?

A) your excellency

B) supreme warthog

C) Mr. Pig

D) Sir

Snow White

1. How does the queen address the mirror when she wants to know who’s the fairest of them all?

A) mirror, mirror on the wall

B) Magic mirror on the wall (It’s one of the most famous quotes from a Disney movie and often misquoted)

C) mirror, mirror come to life

D) mirror, magic come to life

2. What’s the only thing that can revive Snow White according to the Queen’s spell?

A) true love’s kiss

B) love’s first kiss

C) a prince’s kiss

D) true love’s first kiss

3. What kind of pie was Snow White baking for the dwarves when the old hag appears?

A) apple

B) pumpkin

C) gooseberry

D) elderberry

4. How did the voice actress for the old hag achieve the voice that we heard?

A) the actress whispered slowly, but loudly instead of talking

B) the actress removed her dentures

C) the actress had bronchitis will recording the old hag

D) that’s what she always sounds like

5. How long did it take Walt Disney studios to create “Snow White”?

A) 1 year

B) 2 years, 5 days, and 4 hours

C) 5 years

D) 10 years


1. What is Jafar’s Official Title?

A) Majordomo

B) Royal Vizier

C) Royal Advisor

D) Grand Duke

2. What pattern can be found on Prince Achmed’s underwear after Rajah rips off his pants?

A) Diamonds

B) Hearts

C) Dots

D) Plaid

3. What does Aladdin give Jasmine during “A Whole New World”?

A) an apple

B) a swan

C) a necklace

D) a ring

4. What actor was Aladdin’s looks based off of?

A) Tom Cruise

B) Tom Hanks

C) Michael J. Fox

D) John Stamos

Walt Disney World

5. Which celebrity does Genie not transform into?

A) Regis Philbin

B) Jack Nicholson

C) Arnold Schwarzenegger

D) Ed Sullivan

Disneyworld Trivia

1. What is the name of the miles of tunnel under Walt Disney world?

A) utilidors

B) mouse holes

C) the underpass

D) bunny burrows

2.After which Disney ride closed did Disney give the ride a tombstone at the haunted mansion?

A) Mike Fink Keelboats

B) Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

C) Snow White’s Scary Adventure

D) The “Extra Terrestrial” Encounter

3. What was the cost of Adult Admission when Disney World first opened?

A) $10

B) $8.75

C) $3.50

D) $0.10

4. Which attraction isn’t original?

A) Dumbo the Flying Elephant

B) Enchanted Tiki Room

C) Thunder Mountain

D) Jungle Cruise

5. What food item is not sold in any park?

A) gum

B) alcohol

C) gummy bears

D) meatball subs


1.  Which actor bought the old Disneyland park marquee?

A) Johnny Depp

B) Tim Allen

C) Michael Jackson

D) John Stamos

2. Where did Walt Disney originally want to put Disneyland?

A) West Covina

B) Burbank

C) Sacramento

D) San Jose

3. Which Princess lives in Disneyland, CA?

A) Sleeping Beauty

B) Snow White

C) Cinderella

D) Fairy Godmother

4. Which of these is not a Disneyland hotel?

A) Californian Hotel & Spa

B) Disneyland Hotel

C) Disneyland Gardens Hotel

D) Paradise Pier Hotel

5. Which of these isn’t an attraction at Disneyland?

A) Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters

B) Hakuna Matata River

C) Francis’ Ladybug Boogie

D) Pinocchio’d Daring Journey


1.What Americana experience can you have at Euro Disneyland Paris’ Disney village?

A) Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

B) Yosemite Valley 3D Film Experience

C) Old Orleans Bike Tour

D) Harlem Jazz Festival

2. Which Princess’ castle is at Euro Disney?

A) Sleeping Beauty

B) Snow White

C) Belle

D) Elsa

3. Which of these is not an attraction at Walt Disney Studios Park?

A) High School Musical

B) Stitch Live!

C) Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

D) Donald Duck’s Battle Boats

4. Which of these is a hotel owned by Disney that you can stay at?

A) Davey Crockett Ranch

B) Agrabah Resort

C) Storybook Woods

D) Côte de la Souris

5.Which of these is not a restaurant in the parks?

A) Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon

B) Bistrot chez Rémy

C) Black Forest Café

D) California Grill

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