Across the Memory Bridge


Remember that scene from “Inside Out” when Joy was holding the core memories as she tried to balance on a tightrope-looking bridge back to head quarters? This game mimics that, but the kids get to the other side and back, unlike Joy. We also cut down on the emotions to just 2 colors- blue and yellow. The estimated cost is about $30. It’ll last

Materials Needed:

  1. blue balloons-(About $3 for a pack of 15)
  2. yellow balloons- (About $3 for a pack of 15)
  3. 2 bins in which you’ll label one yellow and one blue ($10.00 per)
  4. 2 pool noodles ($7.00) or a long, narrow plank


Lie the pool noodles flat against the ground. Use a piece of paper to measure out a foot’s width between the pool noodles and tape them that distance apart on each end. The kids should try to walk heel to toe. Put your 2 bins that’ll represent where the yellow balloons go and where the blue balloons go on one side of the pool noodle bridge.

Air-inflate the balloons rather than using helium and scatter the balloons across the room. The amount of balloons that you get should be able to fit into your bins without tumbling out, but make some concession for inevitably popped balloons.

You can break this up into a team game and give each kid a color to be on that team or let them play all together. They are only allowed to carry one color of balloon at a time and only only person can cross the bridge at a time.


Joy and Sadness need everyone’s help to get these memories sorted.

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