My Name is Stegosaurus


My mom picked this game up from another parent on the playground in the 90’s. It’s a free game that works well for ages 6 and under. That’s not to say that older elementary school kids won’t enjoy it, but they may correct you that Stegosaurus was an herbivore. I’ve tried to change the name of the game to be that of a carnivorous dinosaur, but it never had the same ring to it. Anyway, this game was super fun. I could have played it for hours if mom hadn’t run out of energy.


Here is an image of a stegosaurus for reference. He’s kind of cute, isn’t he?

Materials Needed:

  1. an adult to play ravenous stegosaurus
  2. a fenced in backyard if you’re going to be playing with over 5 of children or you can play it on a local playground with a small amount of kids


All that you need to do is to say in a raspy, ravenous tone, “my name is stegosaurus and your name is lunch” and chase after them like a large, stout reptile. Make big, godzilla steps and stomp as you chase them and they hide.

If my mom caught me, she used to tickle me until I got away. I suggest this, but you can do whatever you want when you catch them as long as its something fun/ mildly annoying.

If they scream too much while playing the game, remind them that this is only a game and screams are for serious problems such as a stranger approaching.

Have fun!


Kids don’t tend to explain this fun game well to their parents. A toddler once joined my mom and me playing the game in Stamford, CT. She had a lot of fun until we had to leave. Then she rushed up to her mom and jumped around like an excited puppy at feeding time as she asked, “Mommy! Mommy! Chase me around and call me lunch!”

My mom has never received such a stink eye look in her life than she got from that woman trying to figure out what on earth she let her daughter play.

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