Wild Palace Party


“Aladdin” inspired this Wild Palace Party game, but characters and music can be mixed around to match other themes. It’s a version of freeze dance and will work well for kids 5+. This game’ll probably run its course in 15-20 minutes and should cost about $6 to buy 3 songs for the game on itunes.

Materials Needed:

  1. A stereo or system that plays music
  2. Middle Eastern music (classic or modern) to play and set the mood.


Choose one child to be the sultan to begin with. You, the parent, will be in charge of the speaker. When you turn the music off, the sultan will come in. Encourage the sultan to say or do funny things that will make the other kids laugh and move. When a child moves, they become part of the palace guard whose job it is to catch the other children that move. Only one kid should be taken out at a time.


You (children) have snuck into the palace without the sultan knowing to have a wild dance party with (the birthday child). Fortunately, he/she found a genie and made a wish that you’ll become invisible so long as you don’t move or make a sound when the music goes off. When the music goes off and the sultan comes to check on what’s going on, you can’t make a move or sound. If you do the sultan will take you away and you will become a palace guard whose job is to make the others laugh.

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