Stack the Tsum Tsum


Stack the tsum tsum is played like pin the tail on the donkey. Instead of pinning the tail on donkey, but the goal is to stack the tsum tsum’s rather than getting an exact spot. Tsum tsums are based on the relaxing art of Japanese rock stacking and as such, the tsum tsums love to stack themselves. This is also the point of the popular mobile game. This should entertain the kids for over 15 minutes and should cost about $10 to buy materials.

Materials Needed:

  1. festive poster board
  2. painter’s tape
  3. a printer
  4. a blind fold


Decide which characters you want to use for the game. Each child should be assigned one. It’s easier to assign a child one rather than to have them pick out which character they want because assigning a character will minimize fighting. No one should get Mickey Mouse because he will be the large stacking base. All of the other characters should be medium sized in comparison. Print out 2 of each of each child you expect to be at the party.Cut each one out to the best of your ability.


Start with Mickey Mouse (because all of Disney started out with just a mouse) as the largest tsum tsum on the bottom of the poster board. You can either stack some of the characters for the children to try to place their own character on or they would only have to pin on one of the characters) or you can have them start building on top of Mickey to the best of their ability.

Just like the regular pin the tail on the donkey game, stack the tsum tsum requires the kids to get in an orderly line. You’ll blind fold one child, spin him or her around three times, and then send them off to pin the tsum tsum. Once they’ve taken their turn, they should go to the back of the line.

Inspired by a post from Hilary Style:

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