Tsum Tsum Freeze Dance


Tsum tsums are pill shaped reimaginings of Disney characters. They’re supposed to be modeled after Japanese stacking stones.¬†This game is just like regular balloon freeze dance, but it will take a little bit of DIY to get the balloon (or three) themed for your party. This game works well for younger children. It may last about 15 minutes and cost $8 to create.

Materials Needed:

  1. a good soundsystem to play music off of
  2. age appropriate music
  3. approximately three balloons
  4. scissors
  5. construction paper
  6. rubber cement or tape
  7. black sharpie


First pick about 3 characters that you would be willing to make from the list of tsum tsums. There are a lot to choose from. Check out my video below to see how to make some of the characters.

After you finish that, set the balloons aside. Put them somewhere in reach, but not too far away such as your Christmas present hiding spot. Don’t let your child or children see them or else you will be making more than you wanted to because you’re not getting those balloons back.

When its time for the activity, bring out the balloons in a covered bag so that the kids can’t see how many there are. Explain that they have to keep this tsum tsum in the air the best that they can when the music is playing. When the music stops, they need to freeze. They still can’t let the balloon touch the ground¬†even though they are frozen.

Once the kids have gotten good at playing with one balloon, you can introduce two. Then maybe three if one of the two don’t pop.

The one downside to this game is that the balloons are going to be side heavy.

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