Steven Bomb Party


Whether you’re actually watching a Steven Bomb, are having a binge watch party, or are having a general Steven Universe party, this is a curated list of ideas for the party. This list is for tweens, teens, and college students. Although its a children show, its main following are teens and college students.

Food Ideas:

1: Watermelon Stevens

You’ll need a fresh watermelon (or two depending on how many people are over), a sharp knife to cut the watermelon, and a basic gingerman cookie cutter. Cut out multiple watermelon shaped men that should serve as your watermelon Steven.

2: Fry Bits

You can’t have Beach City without fries. Steven particularly loves the fry bits. All you need to do is to get French Fries (possibly frozen). Prepare them as the recipe suggests and serve.

3: Cookie Cat Ice Cream Sandwiches

You’ll need a cookie cat ice cream sandwich cutter to begin with. I found some good ones on Etsy. Here’s the recipe.

4: Cluster shards

Break off colorful pieces of rock candy using a kitchen mallet. You should get 3-6 colors and mix them together in a bowl.

5: Amethyst’s Donuts

I saw this recipe for delicious looking donuts on a geeky baker’s website. Cooking experience is required, but you should take a look just to drool a little.

6: Fish Stew Pizza

Just order a pizza and put the label for Fish Stew Pizza over the label of the box or by the pizza. No one wants to try experimenting with actual fish stew sauce on pizza unless you have plenty of bathrooms in the house and you don’t mind that you won’t get to watch the show.

7: Alcoholic Beverages

There are a lot of creative ways to make drinks. I don’t have time to taste them all. This blogger seems to have come up with some interesting drinks. If not, just make the group favorites and print out new labels.

8:Steven Tea?

This is what happens when you comb the internet- you find random things. This is a tea you can buy on the internet that was inspired by the show.

9: Peri-guac

Oh, puns. I recommend having a triangular shaped plate for the chips so that you can just dump the chips onto the plate and a circular bowl to put the guacamole in. The guacamole should be presented at the bottom of the plate so that it looks like Peridot’s head and the chips look like Peridot’s hair.

Games and Activites:

1: Become a Gem

Some will be into this more putting on sticker gemstones than others. Get some sticker gem earrings like these and put them in a bowl. People can stick these gems to themselves for the viewing party. You know your friends (and the kids know their friends). Some people may want to come up with their own back stories and share. Let them. If some friends are just content putting the stickers on or not participating, don’t force them to.

2: Fusion Dance

Start off with groups of 2 people. Have them pick a 10-30 second sound bite to dance to.  The dance should end with them frozen together. Give everyone about 10 minutes to learn their dances.

3: Who Said it Game

This is a trivia game to play with friends. The person who is hosting the party should also be the host. Write out these quotes and who said them on a piece of paper or note cards.Read out the quote and have your friends guess who said it. Here are some samples:

  1. “You are your own gem, you control your destiny. Not me.” -Garnet
  2. “I can tell you with certainty that there are things on this planet worth protecting!” -Peridot
  3. “That’s right. You can feel horrible all you want back at the temple.” -Pearl
  4. “Just because you can shapeshift doesn’t mean you should.” -Pearl
  5. “We’re always the bigger gem!” -Ruby
  6. “I forgot how great it feels to be me.” -Sugilite
  7. “‘Go to earth,’ they said. ‘It’ll be easy,’ they said.” -Peridot
  8. “That’s a lie. Your middle name is cutie pie.” -Garnet
  9. “Blink if this means you love me.” -Steven
  10. “You’re not as above this as you think you are!” -Ruby
  11. “I’m just trying to ‘lion’ the mood.” -Amethyst
  12. “Which way to the baby war?” -Amethyst
  13. “Oh, honestly, you call everyone a clod.” -Pearl
  14. “Tiny hands, my only weakness.” -Garnet
  15. “Did you even wonder who I used to be?” -Lapis Lazuli
  16. “You two should spend some time apart.” -Alexandrite
  17. “Fusion is just a cheap trick to make weak gems stronger.” -Jasper
  18. “Let’s stay on this miserable planet together!” -Malachite
  19. “You should sneak me into a PG-13 movie sometime.” -Connie
  20. “All you wanna do, is see me turn into a giant woman.” – Opal
  21. “Ugh, you’re no fun anymore.” -Amethyst
  22. “Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time.” -Pearl
  23. “Look! Over there! Another planet to betray!” -Peridot
  24. “I love you, Tiger Millionaire.” -Lars
  25. “It’ll mess up my funky flow.” -Steven

4: Deactivate the Warp Pads

It’s the duty of the crystal gems to make sure that home world can’t reach Earth. The easiest way for home world to come to Earth would be to come through on a warp pad. When Steven follows the crystal gems on missions to check the warp pads, he leaves a crying breakfast friends sticker on the portal to show that the portal has been checked and is deactivated. Send your guests around the house and yard to send a stamp of approval that the portal has been deactivated. I recommend thinly cutting toilet paper or paper towel rolls to act as the portals. Make about 10-25 portals and hide them both in plain view and in hard to find places. You may tell your guests how many portals there are. Give each guest (or if you have a lot of guests, break them into teams) a designated sticker or character sticker. No talking. They have 5 minutes to find all of the portals you made.

When the timer goes off, you should go around the house to collect all of the portals with your guests and see who the best member of the crystal gems is- the one who made sure the most warp pads were secure.

5: Drinking Game

I honestly don’t get drinking games. You’re not being forced against your will to watch the show. This blogger came up with a drinking game for Steven Universe. Play with alcoholic beverages to get drunk or play with water to get hydrated. Your choice. There are many other versions online. Just do a quick search and many will be pulled up.

6: Steven Bingo

This image was taken off of reddit. You should have everyone fill in their own spots. A list of some bingo spot ideas has been added below:


Potential Bingo Spots:

  1. Gems fuse
  2. Someone cries
  3. Steven cries
  4. A gem gets bubbled
  5. Lion appears
  6. Steven shouts, “no!”
  7. Stars for eyes
  8. Amethyst shape shifts
  9. Rose Quartz is mentioned
  10. Amethyst and Pearl bicker
  11. Rinaldo has a new theory
  12. Lars and Sadie argue
  13. Onion appears
  14. Mention of Yellow Diamond
  15. Mention of the Cluster
  16. A gem eats food
  17. Garnet destroys something
  18. someone sings
  19. Steven’s life is in danger
  20. Steven uses his shield
  21. dog copter
  22. crying breakfast friends
  23. warp pad is used
  24. gems don’t understand human culture
  25. Peridot calls someone a clod
  26. Steven cheers someone up
  27. a new gem appears
  28. a new monster appears
  29. Greg gives a flashback
  30. Steven doesn’t feel human
  31. Steven doesn’t feel like a gem

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