U.S. Political Bingo


This is a fun game to get the kids watching and interested in today’s U.S. politics. Whether you want to or not is another story. You just need to have Microsoft word or some way to create a table.This should last the duration of the political debates.

Materials Needed:

  1. Microsoft Word Skills to make a bingo table
  2. pencils or pens for everyone to play

Sample Topics for Bingo

  1. Build a Wall
  2. Clinton’s emails
  3. Trump University
  4. Crooked Hillary
  5. Undocumented Workers
  6. Black Lives Matter
  7. All Lives Matter
  8. Ronald Reagan is mentioned
  9. Benghazi
  10. Make America Great Again
  11. HUGE!
  12. Hillary is wearing a Pantsuit
  13. College Tuition is mentioned
  14.  Feel the Bern sign seen
  15. Clinton Legacy
  16. gun control
  17. Common Core
  18. Civil Rights Lawyer
  19. Unemployment
  20. NAFTA
  21. Supporting Veterans
  22. Cutting Taxes
  23. NAFTA
  24. Trump waves hand in the shape of a check mark
  25. Clinton lightly waves a fist while talking
  26. Mention of Chelsey Clinton
  27. Mention of Ivanka Trump
  28. Second Amendment Rights questioned
  29. Moderator shows own biases
  30. Says Trump is unqualified
  31. the silent majority
  32. candidate mentions a tweet
  33. candidate speaks Spanish
  34. candidate asks people to check out social media
  35. mentions New York as home state

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