Spooky Leaf Maze


You’re neighbors may wonder why you’re leaving a yard a mess, but they’ll marvel at the result. If you live in a temperate climate where the leaves change, then you probably know the pain of keeping your yard leaf-free. From what I’ve seen, toddlers up to first grade seem to love the game out of any age group. Creating this activity is free and how long it entertains the kids will depend on how long and complicated the maze is.Don’t make it too complicated so that the kids will want to give up. What’s so spooky about it? You can either make it spooky or think about what those leaves actually are… JK. It’s just a fun activity that’ll work well for a Fall party.

Materials Needed:

  1. A yard leaf coverage of about a half an inch
  2. a rake
  3. some artistic ability


You can either grab a relatively easy looking maze from one of your child’s activities books or you can make one up in your head. The coolest patterns that I’ve seen are circular in design and kind of mimic the UFO field patterns. Rake the leaves into your chosen pattern. The pathway is the cleared leaf path and the leaf piles are the walls. This may take an hour to an hour and a half to complete depending on the size of your yard, the size of the maze, and how many leaves are in your yard.

There are two options of how you want the kids to try to go through the maze. You can either have the children run through the maze from end to end or you can have them try to figure out the how to get to objects you’ve hidden in the maze. This would be a good way to transition the kids into the next activity. For instance, you could leave a clock, a magnet of the number 4, and a plastic, toy cake in different “wrong turns” of the maze. The kids that want to finish as quickly as possible will and the ones that want to search for how to get to the clues. Then they have to put together the items and figure out that it’s time for cake!

If you end up doing this activity, please let us know how it went!

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