Spooky Glow Toss


This is a fun game for a crowd that won’t mind being in the dark (12+). It even works well for sleepovers. Our focus, however, is on Halloween Glow toss. The following paragraphs will detail ideas about how to theme the ring toss sections. The more complex of course that you design, the longer the kids will enjoy playing the game. You also have the option of assigning points to different tosses. In order to do this, you should decide a points scale such as 100-1,000 by difficulty, fold black or dark construction paper into name cards that can stand up on their own, and then paint the desired value of toss on the card using glow in the dark paint.

The first step in deciding what to make ring toss goals would be to check to see what Halloween decorations you already have and have decorated with. It’ll be better to use what you already have. Here are some ideas:

  1. black cat- your standard black cat decoration has two possible places that a ring could be tossed on to it. The head would be the easiest part of the cat decoration to get the ring on to. The tail would be the hardest part to get the ring on to.
  2. top of the pumpkin- some pumpkins have very long stems. That type of pumpkin would be perfect to use for ring toss. (You get bonus points if it’s a jack-o-lanturn).
  3. zombie hands- You will have to test this idea out to see how well the ring can get around the rubber arm popping out of the ground. This would be a pretty funny ring toss option.
  4. twisty tree ghost- a twisty tree ghost is a ghost decoration that wraps around the tree or a pole of some sort. Use the tail and one arm to wrap around the tree. Use the other to reach outwards as a ring toss hook.
  5. End of a witch’s broom- most witch decorations come with a broom for the scary witch to “fly” on. You can use the end of one of these as a ring toss catch.
  6. Construction paper witch hats- use construction paper to make a witch hat. Reinforce it with some cardboard to create a fun ring toss challenge.

Essential Materials Needed:

  1. Enough glow rings for everyone (About $10 for a pack of 6)
  2. construction paper ($7)
  3. glow paint ($9)
  4. a paint brush ($1)
  5. any of the decorations above


Identify what you can use for ring toss in your yard or house. Create the cards as suggested and place them next to the targets.

You can play this game in two ways. One way would be to set it up like mini golf in that the kids have to travel from one ring toss section to the other in order to play all of the challenges that you’ve created. The other option would be to have the kids each get 3-5 glow rings that are necklace sized. Have the kids get in a line and play ring toss one at a time.

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