Villain Take Over Party


There used to be a TV show on called “House of Mouse” that repurposed old Disney cartoons in a nightclub that felt more like a celebrity comedy club. They once had a special in which the Disney Villains took over the club and kicked the good guys out. This is what this party theme is based off of, except different. The hosts of the party will need to dress up as Disney Villains and should ask the guests in the party invitation to dress up as either a cartoon Disney Villain or Hero. Disney’s other franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel shouldn’t be permitted. You should split the guests up evenly into 2 teams: the good guys and the bad guys. Both teams will try to figure out what happened to Mickey Mouse throughout the duration of the party, but this is by no means the only activity that should happen during the party. This is just the theming. I will include a list of other fun games, foods, and the instructions on how to set up the mystery.

This is designed for young adults and tweens, but children will also enjoy playing this game.

Other games:

  1. coloring station- there are tons of free printable activities from Disney that you can find online such as Finding Dory, Wreck it Ralph, Winnie the Pooh, Lady and the Tramp, or have some intricate Disney inspired coloring designs. You can take advantage of this and create a coloring/activity station if you’re expecting some young party guests.
  2. Donald Duck Ring Toss
  3.  character piñata

Food Ideas:

  1. Mickey Mouse Nachos- It used to be Mickey’s club. Now it’s your club and you can use that vain mouse’s chips to feed your party guests. You’ll need a Mickey Mouse head shaped cookie cutter and tortillas to begin with. Here is the full recipe. Watch how to make them here.
  2. Mickey Mouse Grilled Cheese- you’ll still need that Mickey Mouse cookie cutter. Here is the full recipe.
  3. Enchanted Roses- You couldn’t get the spell right to make the enchanted rose in Beast’s castle. Oh well, the roses that you made in stead are delicious and taste like apples. Yum! Full recipe here! You can also view the recipe being made here.
  4. Poisoned Apple Cake Pops: The Evil Queen couldn’t have come to the party without leaving her mark. Learn how to make these delicious bite-sized treats for your own party.
  5. Pretzel Broom Sticks: The Fantasia brooms are back… and they’re delicious. Lucky for us, they’re also easy to make. Here’s the recipe.
  6. Grubby Gnocchi bites: This idea was inspired by this video. Gnocchi, usually a potato dumpling, sometimes feels as though you’re eating a grab because of the ridges and soft squishy insides. Make this recipe and add in some veggies. You should use either a butter or cream sauce. Feel free to buy them at the store rather than making it yourself. For the party, spoon your grubby creations into small bowls so that the guests can still walk around and mingle.
  7. Pooh’s Hunny Pots: You kicked the good guys out and you stole Pooh’s hunny pots! How cruel! This recipe is for those who know what they’re doing because it looks much easier to make than it actually is. Here is a video on how to make it.
  8. Alcoholic beverage: Seeing Spots created by Cocktails by Cody. Here is a video on how to make it.
  9. Alcoholic Beverage: The Red Queen. This is the Queen’s favorite drink. She didn’t want Alice to know about it, but someone put the instructions on how to make it on the internet.
  10. Alcoholic Beverage: Royal Vizier. Jafar’s biggest impact on Agrabah was actually creating a royal drink that he named after his position. Try it out.

Materials Needed and costs for the puzzle:

  1. A mickey mouse plush- $20
  2. Either a rope of some sort or rolled toilet paper
  3. a printer with ink
  4. a box of plastic forks, knives, and/or spoons- $7
  5. black sharpie- $2
  6. a combination lock- $5
  7. a black light-$6
  8. black light marker-$3
  9. sticks to make a ransacked looking bird’s nest
  10. a book shelf or pile of books


Divide up your guest list into people that you want to ask to dress up as heroes or villains. Send out those invitations and wait to here back from everyone. You may want to send out invites in waves so that you can better keep track of how many villains are coming and how many heroes are coming.

You should prepare the activities about a week before the party. Start with preparing Mickey Mouse. You should buy or use a Mickey Mouse plush toy that you can easily stuff into a hiding place. Tie a ripe with some tape or twist some toilet paper into twine and wrap it around Micky Mouse. He should look like a hostage when you’re done. You may not want to hide him just yet or if you do, temporarily put him in a space that you know is safe such as where you’d store the Christmas presents. This doesn’t matter so much if you don’t have a kid that you need to worry about or a spouse who is bad at keeping secrets. On the day of the party, you should put Mickey in a hiding spot in the party area that no one will think to look or that no one can access without a key.

The first task will be a hidden word search. Copies of this word search should be floating around the party. There’s a hidden message in it though. Mickey Mouse is still alive talk to scuttle the seagull. The guests that are interested in solving the mystery will proceed to the next clue station.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 6.00.55 PM

Clue station 2: Scuttle’s nest. Don’t worry, you won’t need to buy or print out a seagull of any sort. Scuttle flew the coop when he saw the bad guys come to the party, but he left hints scratched into the dinglehoppers. Clever seagull. You will need a box of plastic forks, knives, and/or spoons for this as well as a permanent marker. For a younger crowd or people that don’t want to be plunged too far into the puzzle, you should make each piece of silver ware a word: I-Saw-the-shadow-of-the-person-who-took-mickey-mouse-.-He-was-strong-. If you want to make it a little more challenging, I would put 1-3 letters at a time on a silverware. I-saw-the-sha-dow-of-the-per-son-who-too-k-mic-key-mou-se-.-He-was-str-ong.

These words should be scattered about in a messy nest of some sort. You can bring some sticks from inside in or buy a bird’s nest online. It would be great if it wasn’t in tact because then it would seem as though the villains had rummaged through Scuttle’s nest. It will take the guests some time to figure out what to do, but you may want to write on either a board or a piece of paper: “Scuttle’s Nest. Out at Sea.”

Clue Station 3: the shadow test. The story behind this is that just like Peter Pan’s shadow could separate itself from Peter, the other Disney character’s shadows can be removed to with some of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust. They all have something to say as well. You’ll need a black light pen, a black light, and a printer to prepare this activity. First of all, print out all of these silhouettes so that each out them takes up a majority of their own separate piece of paper:

When you’ve finished printing all of these villains out, take your black light marker and write on one of the character’s shadows any of the phrases below as a tester to see if it works. Check it with the black light. Here is what you should write on each character’s silhouette:

  • Stitch- me good
  • Peter Pan- I was in Neverland
  • Merida- Why?
  • Pete- I was making breakfast
  • Jafar- petting pet snake
  • Gaston- go do something useless like reading a book

Clue station 3: If you haven’t guessed, you will be sending your guests to the book shelf. You will need to have a book shelf or a pile of books of some sort in the party area. Print out the golden snake (Jafar’s clue) below to use as the bookmark for where you will stick the next clue.

First, you should write the clue letter. Pick a pen that writes in maroon, red, or plum ink. Write the following list in the fanciest, loopy script that you can: 1 rope, 2 fog machines, 1 mouse, 1 (wherever you’re hiding Mickey Mouse such as a chest), and 1 anniversary flowers. Draw a neat line through every word other than the anniversary flowers. You should have chosen a space to stick Mickey Mouse that isn’t in plain sight and that can be locked using a combination lock. Pick a book to stick your golden snake book mark. The page of that book should be the combination to undo the lock. For instance, you should put the snake and list on the 119th page of the book if the combination to undo the lock is 119.

If you want to really throw your guests off, then you should also print out a spatula book mark. Pete had once been a villain, but he kind of has redeemed himself to an extant in the world of the House of Mouse. Write a separate list to stick in the book marked with the spatula. This list should be a grocery shopping list. You can stick this on whatever page you want.


Clue Station 4: They’re almost done solving the mystery. Actually, they’re done. They just have to figure out where the chest or thing that you hid Mickey in is. If you want to throw them off, you should have multiples of the thing you hid Mickey in with different locks.


Once everyone has arrived, you should gather everyone around and make the announcement that Mickey Mouse is missing: “Can I have everyone’s attention? You thought that you came here tonight to celebrate Disney villains and heroes. We villains have taken Mickey Mouse and you’ll never find him. We shall spend the night deciding who is better through mini games for team hero and team villain. The team that figures out where Mickey Mouse would win the night if they could figure this out, but no one will really figure that out.”

Decoration Ideas:

  1. Character pumpkin carving- what happened to some of the good guys? They were turned into pumpkins! Oh no! Here are some templates I found online:
    1. Ariel from The Little Mermaid
    2. Snow White
    3. Donald Duck in devil costume
    4. Laughing Tigger
    5. Winnie the Pooh
    6. Cruella De Vil
    7. Cheshire Cat
    8. Tinker bell
  2. Streamers- if you have a space that will allow streamers, use a purple streamer and a black streamer together. The more the streamers twist, the better it will look.  You can then add construction paper jack-o-lanturns to make it look super cute!
  3. Printable Disney Villains Happy Halloween sign- this will look perfect over the refreshment table. Don’t believe me? Take a look!
  4. Disney Villain centerpiece lights- You’ll need electronic tea lights and a printer to make these adorable centerpieces. Here’s the link.


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