Strange Story


This is a fun, free game for any party. Tweens would enjoy this game the most (teenagers and adults may also be interested in the game). All you need is to be able to think on your feet and to have some creativity.


First, choose a narrator who will direct the flow of the story. The birthday child or child hosting the party may want to be the narrator the first time. Have all of the children gather around him or her in a circle. The narrator should be at the center.

The narrator will point to one person in the group who will begin telling the story. That person will speak until the narrator points to someone else. If no one can think of how to begin the story (which I doubt), then you should start with this opening, “Kate grabbed the knob to the door of the open house…”

The person that was pointed to picks up where the last story-teller left off (which could be mid-sentence or in the middle of producing a sound to create a word). If this new player stumbles into the story or repeats what another person had said (ex: you can’t have the spooky ghost repeat the same warning twice), then that person is out. They should scoot out of the circle and the circle should be made tighter.

Repeat this over and over again until there are just 2 people left in the circle (although it won’t be much of a circle at this point). Those 2 should wrap up your fascinating, yet strange story.

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