Thanksgiving Trivia


Well, the kids have just about torn through the house, the teenagers are barely acknowledging other people’s presence, and the stormy weather has blocked the men from watching their Thanksgiving football. What now? Stay calm. Entertain everyone with a trivia contest. Divide people up by either age, gender, or family relations. Keep reading to get some sample ideas. This is for an American Thanksgiving. I’ve written these out as multiple choice trivia questions.

Materials Needed:

  1. a printed out set of trivia questions

Sample Questions:


  1. What are female turkeys called?
    • A) Hens
    • B) Girlies
    • C) Chicks
    • D) Blands
  2. What bird did Benjamin Franklin want to be the national bird?
    • A) Bald Eagle
    • B) Turkey
    • C) Potato Bird
    • D) Woodpecker
  3. When is Thanksgiving celebrated?
    • A) last Thursday of November
    • B) the 26th of November
    • C) Fourth Thursday of November
    • D) the last Thursday before December
  4. Which of the following foods was likely served at the first Thanksgiving?
    • A) pumpkin pie
    • B) potatoes
    • C) macaroni and cheese
    • D) shellfish
  5. When was the first Thanksgiving?
    • A) 1621
    • B) 1776
    • C) 1812
    • D) 1864
  6. What do turkeys have in common with penguins?
    • A) they are highly adept swimmers
    • B) they both carry their eggs on their feet
    • C) neither species can fly
    • D) neither species eats meat
  7. What was the name of the pilgrim’s ship?
    • A) Pinto
    • B) Santa Maria
    • C) NiƱa
    • D) Mayflower
  8. What modern day state did the pilgrims land in?
    • A) Massachusetts
    • B) New York
    • C) Virginia
    • D) Florida
  9. In what year did the pilgrims leave from England and land in the United States?
    • A) 1492
    • B) 1550
    • C) 1620
    • D) 1700
  10. Where did the pilgrims live before they decided to colonize a piece of the new world?
    • A) England
    • B) France
    • C) Finland
    • D) Netherlands


  1. Which President declared Thanksgiving a national holiday?
    • A) Abraham Lincoln
    • B) George Washington
    • C) Theodore Roosevelt
    • D) Barack Obama
  2. What are male turkeys called?
    • A) Hens
    • B) Clucks
    • C) Toms
    • D) Roosters
  3. Which president officially started the practice of turkey pardoning?
    • A) Barack Obama
    • B) Richard Nixon
    • C) Franklin Roosevelt
    • D) Harry Truman
  4. One baby was born onboard the Mayflower. What was the baby named?
    • A) Myles
    • B) Oceanus
    • C) Prudence
    • D) Prayer
  5. What modern day location did the pilgrims hope to settle in?
    • A) Plymouth, MA
    • B) Fort Lauderdale, FL
    • C)Jamestown, VA
    • D) New York City, NY
  6. Which two teams started the tradition of playing football games on Thanksgiving?
    • A) Detroit Lions v. Chicago Bears
    • B) NY Giants v. New England Patriots
    • C) Green Bay Packers v. Detroit Lions
    • D) Dallas Cowboys v. New England Patriots
  7. How many subspecies of turkeys are there?
    • A) one
    • B) three
    • C) six
    • D) ten
  8. What were the pilgrims originally called in their day?
    • A) Puritans
    • B) Standishers
    • C) Huguenots
    • D) Seperatists
  9. What tribe helped the pilgrims?
    • A) Wampanoag tribe
    • B) Secotan tribe
    • C) Powhatan tribe
    • D) Pueblo tribe
  10. How many months after the pilgrims arrive did the Native Americans wait to approach the settlers?
    • A) one month
    • B) three months
    • C) six months
    • D) twelve months


  1. How many towns are in the United States named Turkey?
    • A) one
    • B) Four
    • C) Eight
    • D) Sixteen
  2. How fast can a turkey run?
    • A) 5 miles per hour
    • B) 10 miles per hour
    • C) 17 miles per hour
    • D) 25 miles per hour
  3. Which city has the oldest Thanksgiving day parade?
    • A) Philadelphia 
    • B) New York City
    • C) Washington, D.C.
    • D) Boston
  4. When were giant, helium balloon characters first used in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade?
    • A) 1900
    • B) 1914
    • C)1927
    • D) 1947
  5. When did the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade begin?
    • A) 1900
    • B) 1913
    • C) 1924
    • D) 1947
  6. How long does it take to inflate a giant parade balloon?
    • A) 30 minutes
    • B) an hour
    • C) an hour and thirty minutes
    • D) two hours
  7. What is the lifespan of an average parade balloon?
    • A) a year
    • B) three years
    • C) five years
    • D) eight years
  8. When was the first time that Spongebob flew in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade?
    • A) 1994
    • B) 2004
    • C) 2010
    • D) 2014
  9. When did Mickey Mouse first debut as a Thanksgiving parade balloon?
    • A) 1927
    • B) 1934
    • C) 1965
    • D) 2000
  10. Which character has appeared the most in Macy’s Thanksgiving day parades?
    • A) Mickey Mouse
    • B) Felix the Cat
    • C) Pikachu
    • D) Snoopy
  11. How long does it take to deflate a parade balloon?
    • A) 15 minutes
    • B) 30 minutes
    • C) 45 minutes
    • D) an hour

One thought on “Thanksgiving Trivia

  1. Maureen Pollack says:

    Love this! We should play- but we know the answers… except to how long it takes to inflate a balloon for Macy’s – that answer wasn’t highlighted. So now I’m left to wonder…

    Sent from my new iPhone 6 that my loving husband gave me!



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