Playing Cards Against Humanity with the Family


Cards Against Humanity is self-described as a party game for horrible people. It’s a fun game for anyone over the age of fifteen or sixteen. However, some people think that it’s a fun game to play at family reunions. This post will give you directions on what cards to remove so that you’ll have less awkward explaining to do for Nana. There are still sex-related and nasty cards in the deck to play.

Crowds you can’t play Cards Against Humanity with:

  1. Family reunions with children under the age of fifteen- you’ll have way too much explaining to do and they are not likely to understand the concepts.
  2. If a majority of your family shutters at the word ‘sex’

If you have family with either of these two qualities, then you should purchase the PG version of this game: Apples to Apples.

Cards to take out for better play in a standard Cards Against Humanity deck:

  1. tasteful sideboob- do you really want to explain what sideboob is?
  2. a fleshlight- no, grandma that’s not a typo and I don’t want to explain it
  3. a bitch slap- I once heard thirteen year old use the definition of cat fight for this
  4. Smegma- sex education wasn’t this descriptive in my day and it certainly wasn’t in grandpa’s day
  5. tentacle porn- take it out before nana asks why is this a thing
  6. Queefing- see smegma
  7. the care bear stare- …
  8. seppuku- how many people actually know about this in this day and age?
  9. Nickelback- unless nana knows that you’re a big fan of them
  10. Nipple blades- see tentacle porn
  11. my humps- not everyone remembers pop culture from the 2000s
  12. Pixelated bukkake- you really want to explain this?
  13. A mime having a stroke- trigger warning may be needed depending on what has been going on with your family
  14. a bleached asshole- see tentacle porn
  15. An M. Night Shyamlan plot twist- who is M. Night Shyamlan? What does the ‘M’ stand for? What has he done? I don’t remember, grandaddy, let’s just keep playing the game
  16. Ethnic cleansing- genocide still happens today. This may not be the best card to have in the deck if one of your relatives that will be playing the game survived or was touched by this
  17. Hospice care- see a mime having a stroke
  18. A pangender octopus who roams the cosmos in search of love- unless you or a family member have come out as pangender and have explained it to the family, then they’re going to want to know what pangender is.
  19. an Oedipus complex- not everyone has had a higher education and has heard of this story/ theory of relationships. No, its not like a Napoleon complex, grandma.

Every family is different. You have to use your own judgement.

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