Waffle Bar


This is a fun activity for the morning after a sleepover party provided that you’re able to wake up before the kids, teens, or tweens do. You’ll need a waffle iron. Make enough waffles that one child can have its own waffle (or split half of it). A night or two before the party, you have the ingredients ready to go in bowls. Some ingredients such as bananas are better served freshly sliced. The cost for this activity varies as well as the time it will take.

Materials Needed:

  1. waffle maker
  2. batter
  3. napkins
  4. spoons to get the ingredients out with
  5. silverware for the children
  6. optional: whipped cream
  7. optional:strawberries
  8. optional: blueberries
  9. optional: raspberries
  10. optional: blackberries
  11. optional: bananas
  12. optional: chocolate sauce
  13. optional: chocolate chips
  14. optional: marshmallows
  15. optional: nutella
  16. optional: sprinkles
  17. optional: heated, fried chicken

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