December Holidays Trivia


There a bunch of different holidays that happen throughout December. You can pick the ones relevant to what you and your friends celebrate or try your luck at many different questions. The easy, medium, and hard questions are relative to what you celebrate. As usual, the trivia questions have been written out in multiple choice format.

Materials Needed:

You need a sheet of paper with all of the questions on it.

Sample Questions:


  1. What does Christmas celebrate?
    • A) Birth of Jesus
    • B) Death of Jesus
    • C) Resurrection of Jesus
    • D) The life of Jesus
  2. What is primarily eaten on Hanukkah?
    • A) pasta
    • B) fried foods
    • C) uncooked vegetables
    • D) any food that could be easily found in the desert
  3. Why does Hanukkah last 8 days?
    • A) Because 8 is a typical, holy number
    • B) 8 is a lucky number
    • C) There was a miracle that lasted 8 days
    • D) The struggle to take back the temple lasted 8 days
  4. What does Kwanzaa celebrate?
    • A) the harvest
    • B) birth of a leader
    • C) unity of a people
    • D) African culture and identity
  5. What does Christmas mark in other Christian cultures around the world?
    • A) the day Jesus realized he was the son of G-d
    • B) the day that Jesus died
    • C) the day Jesus was born
    • D) the day that Mary and Joseph made it safely to Bethleham
  6. Why are the colors of Hanukkah blue, white, and gold?
    • A) It’s a pretty design
    • B) It’s the colors of Israel and gold represents light
    • C) It represents the sky
    • D) It represents the Maccabees
  7. What animal does Santa use to power his sleigh?
    • A) Penguins
    • B) Horses
    • C) Reindeer
    • D) Unicorns
  8. What started boxing day?
    • A) the church
    • B) the banks
    • C) the government
    • D) the factories
  9. What sport was traditionally done in England on boxing day?
    • A) Boxing
    • B) Fox hunting
    • C) Relay races
    • D) Ice skating
  10. According to legend, how often does Santa check his naughty and nice list?
    • A) Never
    • B) Once
    • C) Twice
    • D) Thrice
  11. What Holiday was not created in order to compete with Christmas/ advance the group’s own culture?
    • A) Pancha Ganapati
    • B) Kwanza
    • C) Newtonmass
    • D) Hanukkah


  1. Who was the director of “Home Alone”?
    • A) Chris Columbus
    • B) Wes Anderson
    • C) Martin Scorsese
    • D) Steven Speilberg
  2. In which country is the showing of “Home Alone” considered a national, traditional Christmas movie?
    • A) United States
    • B) Canada
    • C)Poland
    • D) Italy
  3. Which famous Christmas movie did the costume designers from “Elf” base the elf uniforms on?
    • A) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
    • B) The Santa Clause
    • C) Spongebob Sqaurepants Christmas Special
    • D) Home Alone
  4. Which country was the first to include Santa Clause into their Christmas traditions?
    • A) England
    • B) Germany
    • C) Russia
    • D)The Netherlands
  5. Which of the following words isn’t on the Driedel?
    • A) shalom
    • B) Shin
    • C) Gimmel
    • D) Nun
  6. What type of oil was used for the original menorah?
    • A) Linseed oil
    • B) Canola Oil
    • C) Olive Oil
    • D) Vegetable Oil
  7. What year was kwanzaa first celebrated in the United States?
    • A) 1865
    • B) 1927
    • C) 1947
    • D) 1966
  8. What does Kwanzaa translate into in English?
    • A) Winter’s peak
    • B) First fruits of the harvest
    • C) Candle light
    • D) Shared time
  9. Why are there 7 days of Kwanzaa?
    • A) it corresponds to days in a week
    • B) it corresponds with the 7 principal crops
    • C) it corresponds with the 7 founders of the holidays
    • D) it corresponds with the 7 principles of the holiday
  10. In what country were candy canes invented?
    • A) Germany
    • B) England
    • C) the United States
    • D) Israel
  11. Why were candy canes bent to be their now iconic shape?
    • A) It looks like a ‘J’ for Jesus
    • B) It looks like a shepherd’s tool
    • C) The candy naturally curves this way while cooling
    • D) The shape made it easier to decorate trees with
  12. Which Christmas song was written by someone who was christian?
    • A) “White Christmas”
    • B) “I’ll be home for Christmas”
    • C) “All I want for Christmas”
    • D) “The Christmas Waltz”
  13. Which Christmas song was written by someone who was christian?
    • A) “The Christmas Waltz”
    • B) “Silver bells”
    • C) “Winter Wonderland”
    • D) “The First Noel”
  14. Which Christmas song was written by someone who was christian?
    • A) “Little Drummer Boy”
    • B) “Santa Baby”
    • C) “Sleigh Ride”
    • D) “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”
  15. What was boxing day’s old name before it renamed?
    • A) Day of boxes
    • B) St. Stephan’s Day
    • C) The tweflth day of Christmas
    • D) New Year’s start
  16. What does Pancha Ganapati celebrate?
    • A) The birth of Jesus
    • B) The start of winter
    • C) The Hindu god Ganesha
    • D) The creation of a new world
  17. How long does Pancha Ganapati last?
    • A) One day
    • B) Two days
    • C) Four days
    • D) Five days


  1. Who was supposed to be the mastermind behind the wet behinds in “Home Alone” in the original script?
    • A) Harry
    • B) Marv
    • C) Uncle Frank
    • D) Kevin’s father
  2. Which fast food restaurant is so popular to eat at in Japan on Christmas that people have to call in advance in order to get service?
    • A) Wendy’s
    • B) KFC
    • C) McDonald’s
    • D) Dominoes
  3. What classic 90’s cartoon had a Hanukkah special?
    • A) Rocco’s Modern Life
    • B) Spongebob
    • C) Ah! Real Monsters
    • D) Rugrats
  4. In “Home Alone 2,” the audience got to see the bill for all of the room service that he had ordered. What was something that Kevin didn’t order?
    • A) six chocolate mousses
    • B) three packages of chocolate turtles
    • C) Six custard flans
    • D) 36 chocolate covered strawberries
  5. What real life toy store was Duncan’s toy store based off of?
    • A) Toys R Us
    • B) Dinosaur Hill
    • C) FAO Schwartz
    • D) Kidding Around
  6. Which of the following Holidays isn’t in December?
    • A) National Cookie Day
    • B) National Gazpacho Day
    • C) National Cotton Candy Day
    • D) National Talk like a Pirate Day
  7. Who brought the tradition of decorating evergreen trees to England and eventually into American culture?
    • A) Prince Albert
    • B) Jesus himself
    • C) Otto Von Bismark
    • D) Myles Standish
  8. What company is responsible for creating Santa’s now iconic red and white outfit?
    • A) Macy’s
    • B) Coca-Cola
    • C) Ford
    • D) The Dutch East India Trading Company
  9. When were Christmas traditions as they’re now commonly celebrated (with carols, decorated trees, gift giving, and a more commercial influence) begin?
    • A) 0 AD
    • B) the 1000’s
    • C) the 1800’s
    • D) the 1900’s
  10. Which of the following isn’t a name for Santa Clause in another country?
    • A) Gaghant Baba
    • B) Sinterklaas
    • C) Papai Noel
    • D) Papa Epiphany 

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