Jellyfish Hunting for a Spongebob Birthday Party


This activity is a fun way to both decorate and clean up (parts) of your child’s Spongebob-themed birthday party. Spongebob and Patrick love to go jellyfishing.

For this activity, you’ll cut out your own jellyfish and place them around the party room (in both obvious and hidden places), and then ask the kids near the end of the party to find and collect the ears. This activity will take 10 minutes for the kids to do (. This activity should cost a little less than $20 (assuming that you already have scissors that you can use for the project).

Materials Needed:

  1. printer
  2. a lot of printer ink
  3. printer paper
  4. scissors
  5. tape (to tape the jellyfish around the room)
  6. 1 bag per child to collect the jellyfish
  7. A prize of some sort for finding the most amount of jellyfish


Using a template (such as a cookie cutter that you already have or a cut-out of the image provided) and pencil for light colored paper (or white colored pencil for dark paper), draw as many jelly fish on a piece of paper as you can.

Image result for spongebob jellyfish

You can also cheat and print out this image numerous times:

Image result for spongebob jellyfish

Here is a fun tip for the project if you have extra time: shrink and enlarge copies of the given template in Microsoft word or in Photoshop to have multiple templates of different sizes. The variety will make for prettier decorations and a more challenging hunt for the kids.

You should have at least three jelly fish to find per child plus one or two extra in case you accidentally snip off a tentacle. Next, cut out all of your jellyfish.

Either the morning of or the night before the party, decorate the party area with the jellyfish. You’ll probably want to test out the tape you’re using beforehand to make sure that you won’t damage your walls.

Near the end of the party, give each child a crayon or a colored pencil and tell them that whoever can find the most hidden jellyfish in ten minutes will win a prize. They have to write their initials on each jellyfish that they find or stick them in their own bag. When the ten minute timer is up, everyone has to return back to starting point and count how many jellyfish they’ve found. Feel free to ply music during this time. The child that got the most jellyfish wins.

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