Capture the Flag 4th of July


The British are coming! The British are coming! Oneth by land, twoth by the pool? Capture the Flag is the perfect game to play at any Fourth of July party. Just add a little bit of independence war spirit, and you’ll have a great party game to entertain the kids and the young at heart.

Materials Needed:

  1. a list of who goes on what team
  2. 2 hula hoops to keep the “flags” in
  3. 2 symbols or flags. Since the American flag isn’t supposed to touch the ground, we suggest replacing the flags with a patriotic pillow and a union jack pillow or with rocks that are painted to look like the flags.


Place the hula hoops on either side of an evenly spaced yard/space. Choose jail spaces. The jails can best be represented with some sort of a net (such as a lacrosse net and/or a soccer net.) Use what you already have. Set the boundaries in the beginning (such as no one can go into the house if they are playing this game). Separate the yard into two even spaces that can act as the safe land for either side.

Separate the group of players into two: the British and the Americans. Make sure that teams are even.

Have everyone start at the farthest end of the barriers. Flag watchers cannot go inside the hula hoops to watch the flags. Anyone can tag a member of the opposite team once that person has left her team’s own territory. Once tagged, that person must go to jail. A jailed team member can only get freed once he/she has been tagged by a member of his/her own team. Then, everyone must go back to their own territory before trying to capture the other team’s flag. Discourage roughhousing. In order to win a round, someone must successfully bring the other team’s flag to his/her team’s territory. Play in as many rounds as you want (but three should be the limit).

Know Your Broadway Showtunes Game


Do you and your friends (or your little starlet and his/her friends) think they know Broadway? Try this fun, fast-paced quiz game to see how much they actually know.

This game can be played in numerous ways. One way is to have a free for all. You host the game and read the first parts of the lyrics off of the cards. Whoever can remember what comes next in the songs should answer. The other option is to break your party up into two groups. You can either host and read all of the questions off or you can have each group come and choose a card. Each team will have a minute to go through the bowl of cards before switching sides. Any song whose next lyric is correctly guessed will go into a separate bowl. Repeat until all of the cards full of lyrics are gone. The cards will be counted up at the end to see who won.

You’ll just need to buy index cards for this activity to write on or you can shred paper that has been printed with the song lyrics. Assuming that you already have a printer, the total cost may be about $5 to play the game.

What You’ll Need:

  1. 2 bowls
  2. A printer or a pen
  3. Index cards or cut up paper


Compile a list of songs and musicals via a word documents. You can use the attached list underneath this section or you can make your own. Then, cut out the the song name and answer. You can either glue it on a index card or just fold up the paper (once cut) and stick it in a plastic bag until you’re ready to play the game.

When it is game time, pull out the two bowls. Empty the bag of show tunes with answers into a bowl. The other bowl will be used to for the questions already asked.

As explained above, there are two different ways to play the game. One way is to have a free for all. You host the game and read the first parts of the lyrics off of the cards. Whoever can remember what comes next in the songs should answer.

The other option is to break your party up into two groups. You can either host and read all of the questions off or you can have each group come and choose a card. Each team will have a minute to go through the bowl of cards before switching sides. Any song whose next lyric is correctly guessed will go into a separate bowl. Repeat until all of the cards full of lyrics are gone. The cards will be counted up at the end to see who won.

Pick and Choose your favorites – alphabetized by show name

  1. I Hope I get it – A Chorus Line
  2. One – A Chorus Line
  3. Pulled – The Addams Family
  4. Move Toward the Darkness – The Addams Family
  5. A Whole New World – Aladdin
  6. Friend Like Me – Aladdin
  7. Send in the Clowns – A Little Night Music
  8. A Rumor in St. Petersburg – Anastasia
  9. Journey to the Past – Anastasia
  10. Once Upon a December – Anastasia
  11. Maybe – Annie
  12. Tomorrow – Annie
  13. There’s no Business like Show Business – Annie Get Your Gun
  14. Anything You Can Do -Annie Get Your Gun
  15. (You’d Be So) Easy to Love – Anything Goes
  16. Gorgeous – The Apple Tree
  17. Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist -Avenue Q
  18. It Sucks to be Me – Avenue Q
  19. Be Our Guest – Beauty and the Beast
  20. Twenty Fans – The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
  21. Kids – Bye Bye Birdie
  22. The Telephone Hour – Bye Bye Birdie
  23. Put on a Happy Face -Bye Bye Birdie
  24. Don’t Tell Mama – Cabaret
  25. Tomorrow Belongs to Me – Cabaret
  26. Memory – Cats
  27. The Jellicle Ball – Cats
  28. All that Jazz -Chicago
  29. Cell Block Tango – Chicago
  30. Razzle Dazzle –Chicago
  31. In my own Little Corner – Cinderella
  32. What About Love? – The Color Purple
  33. Show People – Curtains
  34. Screw Loose – Cry Baby 
  35. Turn it Off – The Book of Mormon
  36. I am Africa – The Book of Mormon
  37. I Believe- The Book of Mormon
  38. And I’m Telling You (I’m not Going) -Dreamgirls
  39. Don’t Cry for me, Argentina -Evita
  40. Try to Remember -The Fantasticks
  41. If I were a Rich man – Fiddler on the Roof
  42. Sunrise, Sunset – Fiddler on the Roof
  43. I Need a Hero – Footloose
  44. Mama Says – Footloose
  45. Grease Lightning -Grease
  46. Hopeless Devoted -Grease
  47. A Bushel and a Peck – Guys and Dolls
  48. If I Were a Bell – Guys and Dolls
  49. Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat – Guys and Dolls
  50. Luck be a Lady Tonight – Guys and Dolls
  51. Rose’s Turn – Gypsy
  52. Aquarius -Hair
  53. Good Morning, Baltimore – Hairspray
  54. You Can’t Stop the Beat – Hairspray
  55. Aaron Burr, Sir – Hamilton
  56. The Election of 1800 – Hamilton
  57. You’ll Be Back – Hamilton
  58. It Takes a Woman – Hello, Dolly
  59. Love, Look in my Window – Hello, Dolly
  60. A Secretary is not a toy – How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
  61. Love From a Heart of Gold – How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
  62. On the Steps of the Palace – Into the Woods
  63. Children Will Listen -Into the Woods
  64. Someone Like You – Jekyll and Hyde
  65. Getting to Know You- The King and I
  66. I Whistle a Happy Tune- The King and I
  67. Raise You Up – Kinky Boots
  68. Land of Lola – Kinky Boots
  69. So in Love – Kiss Me, Kate
  70. Song on the Sand – La Cage Aux Folles
  71. I am What I am – La Cage Aux Folles
  72. Better – Legally Blonde
  73. Omigod You Guys -Legally Blonde
  74. Do You Hear the People Sing? – Les Miserables 
  75. One Day More – Les Miserables
  76. Poor Unfortunate Souls -The Little Mermaid
  77. Suddenly Seymour – The Little Shop of Horrors
  78. Dentist! – The Little Shop of Horrors
  79. Feed Me (Git It) – The Little Shop of Horrors
  80. He Lives in You – The Lion King
  81. The Morning Report -The Lion King
  82. Take a Chance on Me – Mamma Mia
  83. Our Last Summer – Mamma Mia
  84. We Need a Little Christmas -Mame
  85. A Spoonful of Sugar – Mary Poppins
  86. Step in Time – Mary Poppins
  87. Let’s Go Fly a Kite – Mary Poppins
  88. Our Time -Merrily as We Roll Along 
  89. The Last Night of the World – Miss Saigon
  90. The Heat is on in Saigon – Miss Saigon
  91. ‘Till There was You – The Music Man
  92. Iowa Stubborn – The Music Man
  93. Seventy-six Trombones – The Music Man
  94. Shipoopi – The Music Man
  95. I Could Have Danced All Night – My Fair Lady
  96. Oh, What a Beautiful Morning Oklahoma
  97. People Will Say We’re in Love Oklahoma
  98. And God Heard her Prayer – Once on This Island
  99. Mama Will Provide – Once on This Island
  100. Why we tell the Story – Once on This Island
  101. Loving You – Passion
  102. All I Ask of You – Phantom of the Opera
  103. Think of Me – Phantom of the Opera 
  104. Corner of the Sky -Pippin
  105. Spread a Little Sunshine – Pippin
  106. I Wanna be a Producer – The Producers
  107. Springtime for Hitler – The Producers
  108. Heil Myself – The Producers
  109. Another Day – Rent
  110. La Vie Boheme – Rent
  111. I’ll Cover You – Rent
  112. Seasons of Love – Rent
  113. Take me or Leave me -Rent
  114. Tango: Maureen -Rent
  115. So Many People – Saturday Night
  116. Give up Your Dreams – School of Rock
  117. When I Climb to the Top of Mount Rock – School of Rock
  118. Vanilla Ice Cream – She Loves Me
  119. Ol’ Man River – Show Boat
  120. Story of My Life – Shrek
  121. Freak Flag -Shrek
  122. Forest for the Trees – The Skints
  123. Unexpected Song – Song and Dance
  124. My Favorite Things -The Sound of Music
  125. Some Enchanted Evening – South Pacific
  126. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Spamalot
  127. Knights of the Round Table – Spamalot
  128. You Won’t Succeed on Broadway – Spamalot
  129. Best Day Ever – Spongebob Squarepants
  130. Bikini Bottom Day – Spongebob Squarepants
  131. Horton Hears a Who – Suessical
  132. Amayzing Mayzie -Suessical
  133. Sunday -Sunday in the Park with George
  134. Not While I’m Around -Sweeney Todd
  135. Not for the Life of Me – Thoroughly Modern Millie 
  136. It Only Takes a Taste – Waitress
  137. What Baking can Do – Waitress
  138. You Matter to Me – Waitress
  139. Maria -West Side Story
  140. Gee, Officer Krupke – West Side Story
  141. I Feel Pretty -West Side Story
  142. Defying Gravity – Wicked 
  143. Dancing Through Life – Wicked 
  144. Popular – Wicked
  145. Everything – Wild Party
  146. I’m a Mean Ole Lion – The Wiz
  147. Ease on Down the Road – The Wiz
  148. Over the Rainbow – The Wizard of Oz
  149. If I Only had a Brain – The Wizard of Oz
  150. My New Philosophy – You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Jellyfish Hunting for a Spongebob Birthday Party


This activity is a fun way to both decorate and clean up (parts) of your child’s Spongebob-themed birthday party. Spongebob and Patrick love to go jellyfishing.

For this activity, you’ll cut out your own jellyfish and place them around the party room (in both obvious and hidden places), and then ask the kids near the end of the party to find and collect the ears. This activity will take 10 minutes for the kids to do (. This activity should cost a little less than $20 (assuming that you already have scissors that you can use for the project).

Materials Needed:

  1. printer
  2. a lot of printer ink
  3. printer paper
  4. scissors
  5. tape (to tape the jellyfish around the room)
  6. 1 bag per child to collect the jellyfish
  7. A prize of some sort for finding the most amount of jellyfish


Using a template (such as a cookie cutter that you already have or a cut-out of the image provided) and pencil for light colored paper (or white colored pencil for dark paper), draw as many jelly fish on a piece of paper as you can.

Image result for spongebob jellyfish

You can also cheat and print out this image numerous times:

Image result for spongebob jellyfish

Here is a fun tip for the project if you have extra time: shrink and enlarge copies of the given template in Microsoft word or in Photoshop to have multiple templates of different sizes. The variety will make for prettier decorations and a more challenging hunt for the kids.

You should have at least three jelly fish to find per child plus one or two extra in case you accidentally snip off a tentacle. Next, cut out all of your jellyfish.

Either the morning of or the night before the party, decorate the party area with the jellyfish. You’ll probably want to test out the tape you’re using beforehand to make sure that you won’t damage your walls.

Near the end of the party, give each child a crayon or a colored pencil and tell them that whoever can find the most hidden jellyfish in ten minutes will win a prize. They have to write their initials on each jellyfish that they find or stick them in their own bag. When the ten minute timer is up, everyone has to return back to starting point and count how many jellyfish they’ve found. Feel free to ply music during this time. The child that got the most jellyfish wins.

The Hunt for the Unicorn


Ah… the hunt for the unicorn. It’s both a fun scavenger hunt for kids and my favorite tapestry series. At the end of the hunt, each kid should go home with their own unicorn. The estimated cost is about $28 assuming that you have a printer at home and this activity may take 5-15 minutes to play. This game will work well for kids aged 6+ who can read. You should still watch over them to make sure that they can follow the clues correctly and to make sure that everyone gets at least one goody per station (if you are going to give a goody bag filler at each station). This should be the last activity before bringing out the cake or before sending the kids home with their parents. the unicorns would work well as a goody bag present.

Optional: You can put little party favors or candies in bowls next to where the children find the next clue poem as a reward and goody/party bag filler. 

Items Needed:

  1. Plush unicorns. I found a dozen unicorns for $18.
  2. Tape to put up the rhymes (consider using painter’s tape to hang the images and rhymes on the walls when playing indoors).
  3. A printer to print out the rhymes
  4. bucket or basket to put all of the unicorns in  ~ $5
  5. A Goody/party bag to put the unicorns and any other treasure found in ~ $5


Print out the clues with their images and tape them around the house/party space. They should follow logically (ex clue x, clue y, and clue z) rather than randomly placing the clues around the house so that the kids have to back track over old clue spots. If possible, the unicorns should be hidden in a different room or part of the yard (if you are playing outside), so that they will not be discovered before all of the clues are solved.

The game ends when the children find the unicorns. Each child should go home with a plush unicorn at the end of the riddle hunt.


A bunch of lonely unicorns heard that its (insert child’s name here)‘s birthday today, so they decided to join the party in secret. They’re hiding somewhere around here and they’ve left clues as to where they may be hiding.

Our first clue from the unicorns says: “Before electricity, humans used to keep their homes warm with tapestries/ look for the photo of an ancient art/ now rush off with all of your hearts!

Clues and Answers:

1: “Before electricity, humans used to keep their homes warm with tapestries/ look for the photo of an ancient art/ now rush off with all of your hearts!


2: “Look carefully at the art up on the wall and look around the room for the creature in the photo who is soft, has long ears, and isn’t that tall.”


3: “Bunnies and Unicorns share a favorite food/ Eating it will put you in a good mood.”


4: Follow the hoof prints around the room / To some unicorns that want to go home with you.

Use the attached hoof prints (printing out as many as you’s like) to guide the kids to the hiding spot of the unicorns.


3 Wishes Ice Breaker


This ice breaker is perfect for any “Aladdin”, retro “I Dream of Genie”, or “Shimmer and Shine” themed party. All that you need to do is to gather the kids around in a circle. Then ask each child (starting with the birthday kid) what he/she would wish for if he/she had 3 wishes.

This game is a great way to the guests to get to know each other. However, you might want to ban the wish to ask for more wishes.

Dolphin Race – Pool Game


Happy National dolphin day! In honor of this day, I’m going to tell you about a great pool game to play at pool parties.

The goal of the game is to move a ball from one end of the pool to another using only your nose (because that’s how dolphins push balls). This game may take about 10 minutes to play and may cost about $6-$13 to play if you need to buy balls.

What you’ll need:

  1. One ball that floats in water per team (if you plan on using balls that you already have in your home, then you should make sure that they float).
  2. A pool deep enough for the kids to play the game in.


Break the swimming party guests into groups of four or more players. Make sure that you have one ball per team. Make sure that you have the same number of kids on each team. You can either have this game work as a race or part of a relay.

Like dolphins, team members can only use theirs noses to push the ball from one end of the pool to the other, and then back using their nose (although generally using the face to push the ball works too). Only one teammate goes at a time. If anyone is caught using his or her hands to move the ball, that person will have to return to the starting point.

The first team to finish wins!


Timeline Game


This is the perfect game for a graduation party for an older child (middle school graduation and above). All you need is some printed family photos (or copies of your family photos without any writing on the backs of the photos), a string and some cloths pins. Assuming that you already have markers and the family photos, this activity should only cost about $5-$7 (cloths pins are about $4 per pack and you can find string or ribbon for $1-$2 in the cheap aisles of craft stores or in the front section of Target). This is a side activity that party guests can try to figure out. Reveal the answer at least half way through your party to let guests know if they got the answers correct.

Materials Needed:

  1. At least ten photos of important events in your child’s life
  2. A string taped to a wall
  3. Enough clothes pins to match how many photos you have
  4. Markers to number the clothes pins
  5. Tape
  6. Construction paper, scissors, and glue to make a fancy backing for your photos (optional)


Once you’ve chosen your photos and have made sure that there is no writing that would indicate an obvious time in which the photo was taken, write down the correct order in which the photos were taken for your own record. (You may want to have duplicates of the photos that you will use made, so that you’ll still have your photos even if clumsy Aunt Myrtle spills the fruit punch all over the photos). Just make sure not to put any photos in the mix that you and the family would find adorable, but your child would not (such as those images of him/her playing during bath time). Use markers or pens to number the clothes pins from one to however many photos that you have chosen.

On the day of the party, find a small table, such as a TV tray, to put the photos on. Tape up the string behind the table once you’ve found a spot that you like. Add the clothes pins onto the string. To make it visually intriguing, evenly space the clothes pins apart from each other. You can do this by using a marked ruler or by using your hand. Once that has been set up, shuffle the photos and place them on the table with a print out of the following instructions after you personalize it:

How well do you know (insert child’s name here)? The photos on this table are from (insert child’s name here)’s life. Can you put them in the correct order? Don’t ask (child’s name) for help. That would be cheating. We will find out if you got it right later on this afternoon/evening.

Once everyone has eaten and had time to relax, go through the wall with your guests to see if they were able to guess the correct order of life events.

Chalk Wings for a Butterfly Party


Butterflies are beautiful and dainty, and they make for a good theme for a party for younger girls. You’ll need a driveway with enough space, chalk, and a camera. A set of colorful chalk should cost about $5.00.


Items Needed:

  1. chalk
  2. a camera to take photos


You have two options for this activity; you can either draw a set of butterfly wings in advance and color it in (this option may work well for a young crowd that may not be able draw their own butterfly wings such as the under two crowd), or you can draw the template of wings in the driveway and have each little girl color in her own set of wings.

I recommend starting by drawing a forward looking ‘B’ and a backwards ‘B.’ Draw curly antenna. Then, either you or your party guests can color in the wings.

Once done, offer to take photos. This activity is that simple.

Popcorn Bar


Today is national popcorn day! In honor of celebrating this delicious snack, let’s talk about creating a popcorn bar for a party. As always, the cost of setting this up will vary based on how many snacks and toppings you choose to have. Remember to ask your guests if they have any allergies in advance of buying the toppings for the party. Prep for this will be about 15 minutes.

What you’ll need:

  1. Either a microwave or a popcorn popper
  2. Either bags of popcorn to put in the microwave or corn kernels to pop. You’ll want about twelve cups of popcorn to feed 4-6 people, but use your own judgement.
  3. One large bowl to put popcorn in and a large serving spoon
  4. Enough bowls for everyone to eat out of (use either your own bowls or disposable paper bowls that you can find either at the grocery store or at a party store)
  5. Toppings (here are some ideas for food you can mix in:
    • Fruity
      • gummy candies (including gummy worms, gummy bears, and almost everything Haribo makes)
      • skittles
      • mike and ikes
      • Fruit snacks (such as Welch’s fruit snacks or Horizon Organic)
      • Hi-chews (unraveled and cut to make them bite-sized)
      • twizzlers (preferably the smaller, pre-cut nibs)
      • swedish fish
      • candy citrus slices
    • Chocolate
      • snow caps
      • Hershey squares
      • milkduds
      • junior mints
      • mini kitkats
      • mini Reese’s peanutbutter cups
      • Reese’s Pieces
      • M&M’s
    • Taffy (all taffy should be cut up in advance in order to make it easier to snack on)
      • airheads
      • salt water taffy
      • laffy taffy
      • starburst
  6. Popcorn seasoning:
    1. melted butter
    2. Kernel Season’s popcorn seasoning


Pop the popcorn before the party starts. You’ll want to have the popcorn cool before your party guests arrive. This should be the first food that your guests put into their bowls and should be the first bowl on the table that the guests can reach.

Put each topping in a bowl with a serving spoon. Lay them out along the table. Let people line up to get the popcorn and then choose their toppings. Make sure that a kid doesn’t just dump the whole bowl of their favorite candy into their own bowl.

Lastly, have the kids pick their spots, relax, and enjoy the movie that you’re going to show.

The Timeline Game for Couples


As a recent college graduate, I’ve been applying to jobs and going on interviews. On one of my recent interviews I was interviewed by someone who liked my website idea, but wanted to know if I had any suggestions for weddings because her own wedding is coming up soon.

This is an idea for a wedding, an anniversary party, or a vow renewal reception. The guests can play this through the reception and you can announce later in the party if the guests got their guesses correct.

The cost of this project will vary by how many photos you want to use.

Materials Needed:

  1. Enough significant life event photos of you and your partner so that each of your party guests can have one guess.
  2. 2 long strings
  3. One clothes pin for every photo
  4. sharpies that match the colors of the wedding
  5. scissors
  6. construction paper
  7. glue
  8. master list of the correct order of the photos
  9. master guest list that includes which side of the family the guest represents
  10. tape


Dig out those old family photos. Make sure that you have an equal number of photos of you and your spouse. Some great photos for this game would include baby photos, graduation photos, first day of school photos, a trip to Disney, or a photo from the couple’s first date. There should be as many photos chosen as there are guests coming to the wedding. Once you’ve settled on the photos that you’ll use, write a master list of their order (make one spouse’s order evens and the other odds until the timelines converge) and where you took the photos from (so that you can put them back properly). Make copies of your selected photos. When you receive the photos for the activity, use construction paper to make a decorative border (at least an inch big) so that the photo is framed by the paper. You can do this for all photos, but this step is optional.

Once this is done and you’re satisfied with your work, you can think about about who will be given what photo. Each photo will be placed at your guest’s spot at the meal portion of the reception and the following instructions should be printed out and put in the centerpiece:

(Insert couple’s names) would like to challenge you to put our timelines in order. Each of you will receive one photo of us that will have to be put in order on the timeline (insert location of the string timeline). Talk to other family members to figure out where each piece should go. We will reveal if you got it right or not later in the evening.

Using a copy of the guest list, the master list of photos, and a pencil, write down who will receive what photo. Don’t stress out over this. It is only a game. Once you’ve made your final decision, use a shiny ink pen or marker to write that guest’s name on the back of the photo.

Next, decorate the clothes pins as desired. All clothes pins must have a number. To make it easier for whoever is setting up the timeline the day of the wedding put all of the clothes pins for one spouse (all of the evens or odds) in one bag, all of the clothes pins for the other spouse in another bag, and all of the clothes pins for when the time lines converge into another bag.

On the day of the party, have your wedding planner distribute the photos over the dinner tables and set up the time line. Let the families and friends enjoy figuring out what photo goes where. Announce the results of the challenge later on in the reception.