DIY Hat Design


DIY hats are much easier to do than many other fashionable DIY projects such as T shirts because you don’t have to worry about making sure that you have enough T shirts that are the right size. All that you need to do is to buy enough hats for the party and get the fashionable decoration items for the time (such as fabric markers or stick on patches). This activity will take about 15 minutes and it may cost about $40 to do.

Materials Needed:

  1. 1 hat to design per child (About $20/dozen)
  2. Fabric markers (About $20)
  3. (Optional) stick-on patches (About $20 per packet on Amazon)


Make sure that each child gets at least one hat. Let them decorate their hats to their heart’s desire. Stick around in case there is some sort of problem.

Pool Rodeo


Are you thinking of having a cowboy pool party or a poolside family reunion? Then, this pool float is a necessity. It costs over $60 (yikes!) and by the description sounds like a pain in the butt to inflate. It does look really fun and challenging for all ages. At first, I was skeptical about how hard it could be to stay on the bull, but then I saw a bunch of Youtube videos of people testing out the toy and having trouble staying on, such as this celebrity video:

Materials Needed:

  • 1 inflatable bull pool float
  • 1 pool
  • At least 1 responsible adult
  • optional: a stopwatch to keep times
  • optional: hiring a lifeguard for the party might not be a bad idea either



Get all of your materials in place the evening before or the morning of the party. Do not wait until the last minute to try to inflate this thing!

Have the first person get on the bull. They will need help to get on it. Start the timer (if you want to make this a timed competition to see who the rodeo star is), and then have the other members of the party grab onto one of the handles and shake the raft until the person falls off.

Then, write that person’s time down and switch to the next person. Repeat until everyone has ridden the bull.

*A little note on the price, someone on Amazon claimed to have bought this toy off the internet for $48, so this might be one of those items that you have to stalk in order to find at a good price.


Who pooped in the pool? 💩


The poop emoji is EVERYWHERE!!!! This pool game is bound to be a hit with a younger (younger than a tween) crowd. All you need is a poop emoji-shaped pool float, a pool, a responsible adult. Having a certified lifeguard at the party would be a good idea.


Materials Needed:

  • Poop Emoji Float (little poo, medium poo, large poo)
  • a pool
  • a responsible adult
  • (optional) a life guard – in order to get a local certified lifeguard you can either talk to the people at some local organization such as your church or go to your local pool and ask the manager if they know of any lifeguards that would be willing to help supervise your pool party.



This is a shallow end only game. Everyone should be able to walk around with minimal swimming for safety sake. This game is similar to the pool game Marco Polo, but with some changes. Instead of the person being ‘it’ yelling “marco,” the person will ask “Who pooped in the pool?” Then the party guests will “I did!” instead of “polo.” Remember to only play this in your backyard pool and not a public one.

Start off with putting one person on a pool float. This can be the birthday child or a guest of honor. Everyone should start around in a huddle around the emoji pool float once the person has gotten onto the float. The person on the pool float should close their eyes and yell “who pooped in the pool?”

The pool guests will then swim/run away as fast as they can shouting “I did!” The person who is ‘it’ will try to direct the pool float towards people and asking repeatedly “who pooped in the pool?” until they tag someone. That person will then take that person’s place on the pool float.

Play the game as long as you’d like.


Pool Float Races


Cool pool floats are everywhere! They’re at Urban Outfitters, Target, Kohl’s, and are all over instagram. You finally caved and bought one (or are maybe thinking of buying one). Now what? Well, why not have a whacky relay race? This game will be fun for all ages whether at a 4th of July party or for your child’s 7th birthday party.

Ideas Based on Popular Pool Floats (with links through

  1. Mermaid races (2 mermaid pool floats)
  2. The 4th of July (1 American flag pool float and one either red or Union Jack pool float)
  3. Battle of the Swans (1 black swan pool float and 1 white swan pool float)
  4. Unicorn races (2 unicorn pool floats)
  5. Candy races (1 piece of candy float and another piece of candy float)

Materials Needed:

  • 2 pool floats
  • 1 pool
  • At least 1 responsible adult


Split the party up into 2 groups. Each group will be assigned to a pool float. The kids will race to get their pool float from one side of the pool to the other. When one member finishes a lap, the next member of the team can jump on the pool float (which may be more or less difficult), and try to make it over to the other side of the pool and back before the other kid does. Keep going until one group has had all of its team members do a lap. The team that gets all of its players to return faster than the other team will win.

Tropical Jewelry Making


The new Disney film, Moana, was stunning to watch. The art and animation was gorgeous. The story was also pretty good. I was inspired when I watched the film and saw Moana’s tribe’s relationship to to the jewelry that they wore. Jewelry not only a status symbol in the film, but it also told a story. Maui wore a necklace that held the teeth or parts of talons of enemies that he had defeated. Moana’s necklace was a family heirloom that was part of the story of a voyaging nation. This is one part craft and one part game. Have the children make jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces and ask them to have a story in mind when they make it. This activity may cost about $20-25 to do and should entertain the group for 5-15 minutes with the the plastic string design and 15-30 minutes if you use hemp braiding techniques.

Materials Needed:

  1. Plastic Animal Beads (click here to see what I found on Amazon)
  2. Either plastic, stretchy string (which looks like fishing wire) or hemp
  3. Regular Plastic Beads (click here to see what I found on Amazon)


Place all of the same types of beads together in bowl around the table that you will use for the craft.

For plastic wire:

Pre-cut the bracelet strings and give them to the children at the start of the activity. Leave about an inch and a half to an inch extra of string so that you can easily tie the bracelets for the kids. Make sure you mark the area in the bracelet that the kids can use with 2 permanent marker lines to indicate the area that should be filled in. You can either let the kids’ imaginations run wild or let them know that they should be creating these bracelets to tell a story about visiting Moana or the child’s own story. Help them tie the bracelets on using a surgeon’s knot When everyone is finished, let them go around and tell their stories in a circle. This part of the activity will take about 15 minutes.

For Hemp Bracelets:

First of all, poll the children to find out if they have ever made a hemp bracelet before. Some children with experience may want to make their own design.

This wikihow demonstration will give them a good idea of how to make their bracelets. Have them add beads to the center at their own pace. You can either let the kids’ imaginations run wild or let them know that they should be creating these bracelets to tell a story about visiting Moana or the child’s own story.

Lastly, gather everyone around to listen to everyone’s stories.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Party


There is more to pokémon than just pikachu. The latest version of the game, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, are far different than past pokémon games in many ways. The most important difference is that this game takes place in Hawaii, so you can combine a tropical party and a pokémon party into one amazing party.

Party Games and Activities:

Arriving Gifts

The people at Gamefreak incorporated the famous Hawaiian hospitality into the game. When each guest arrives, give them a lei to welcome them to the party.

Rent a Pool

Whether it’s in January or July, all kids love a pool party. If your child has a birthday that is in a colder month, then consider renting a space at the pool of a local gym or fitness club. Most of them will have a space for birthday parties and a heated pool.

Take on the Party Island Challenges

In this new game, there are no gym leaders. There are trial captains that the player has to defeat in order to challenge the island kahunas. If you want to get really into this, then you should create paper bracelets (out of white construction or printer paper) for the party guests. Usually, when the player defeats an island challenge, then the trial captain will give the player a z crystal for their z ring. When a child finishes one of these challenges, then you should stamp something onto his or her bracelet. The following a list of trial captains, their types, and games; you should pick 3-5 of these games to play at the party:

Ilima- normal type trainer- In Ilima’s trial, the trainer has to battle hiding pokémon. Hide 3-4 items around the yard such a pokémon figurines or balls that the children have to find and return. Once all of the items are returned, move on to the next trial activity.

Lana- water type trainer- For this trial game, you will need a kitty pool (one of the temporary, plastic pools for young children), a prize for every child, and a lot of plastic or rubber ducks. You can buy them at bulk for a reasonable price online. Mark some of the ducks with a number on the bottom that will correspond with a prize. For instance, the child that will pull duck number one out of the water will receive a piece of candy. Do this until all of the children at the party have gotten a prize. You can let the kids keep the ducks if you want to.

Kiawe- fire type trainer- Kiawe’s trial involves his trained, dancing pokémon, so the game that would make the most sense to play would be freeze dance.

Sophocles- electric type trainer- Sophocles is a very shy trial captain who likes video games. He would like it if you had a video game bracket using a popular game such as super smash bros or mario kart.

Mallow- grass type trainer- Mallow is a grass type trainer, but her family owns a restaurant. Even her challenge in the game involved making food. Any of Mina’s challenges should be a friendly cooking activity such as a DIY cupcake decoration station, make your own mini pizza, a fondue station, etc.

Mina- Fairy type trainer-Mina is an artist. She’ll be impressed with any craft that you come up with for the children whether its those popular, pinterest pikachu ears or just letting the kids scribble whatever they want onto paper.

Acerola- ghost type trainer-Hide some things around the party area that don’t belong. This challenge will be for the children to find the things that don’t belong in a timely manner. Make sure that the children don’t see you place the items.

Take on the Island Kahunas (Pool Games)

In the Pokémon games, there are 4 kahunas that each represent one island. These pool games are inspired by them and once the children have completed them, they’ll have completed their island challenge.

Hala- sharks and minnows

Olivia- Octopus Pool Game

Nanu- Doubloon Game

Hapu- Pool H-O-R-S-E

If you try our suggestions, let us know how it went!

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?


SO… do you want to build a snowman? No? The kids might if there’s snow on the ground. You can use old clothes to decorate the snowmen. This activity should take about 45 minutes to do. If you want to, you can also turn it into a contest.

Materials Needed:

  1. over a foot of fresh snow on the the ground
  2. About 4-6 hats
  3. About 4-6 scarves
  4. About 4-6 carrots
  5. About 4-6 long branched for the arms or cleaning materials with a long handle such as a broom
  6. Optional: snow dye or rocks for decoration


Break the kids up into teams 0f 3-4 and have them work together to create snowman. Once everyone is done, have them talk about their snowman: his/her name, hobbies, and profession. Don’t forget to take their pictures!

Waffle Bar


This is a fun activity for the morning after a sleepover party provided that you’re able to wake up before the kids, teens, or tweens do. You’ll need a waffle iron. Make enough waffles that one child can have its own waffle (or split half of it). A night or two before the party, you have the ingredients ready to go in bowls. Some ingredients such as bananas are better served freshly sliced. The cost for this activity varies as well as the time it will take.

Materials Needed:

  1. waffle maker
  2. batter
  3. napkins
  4. spoons to get the ingredients out with
  5. silverware for the children
  6. optional: whipped cream
  7. optional:strawberries
  8. optional: blueberries
  9. optional: raspberries
  10. optional: blackberries
  11. optional: bananas
  12. optional: chocolate sauce
  13. optional: chocolate chips
  14. optional: marshmallows
  15. optional: nutella
  16. optional: sprinkles
  17. optional: heated, fried chicken

Jasmine’s Hairband


I loved Disney’s movie Aladdin and I always wanted Jasmine’s crown. This party craft will let the kids design their own crowns. It may take about 10 minutes for everyone to make their own crown and will need a lot of set up time for the adult. It may take the kids about ten minutes to design their crowns. The craft will vary in price depending on how many materials you need to buy and what you need. $32 is a conservative estimate of how much materials for a project with 4 packs of ribbon that cost $4 (for 12 girls), a pack of pom poms, a pack of velcro, and 2 different glitter glues would cost. Comment below to let me know if you’ve done it for less or more, how it came out, and what the kids thought about it.

Needed Materials:

  1. Tape measure, pencil, and pad
  2. Ribbon
    • Measure the size of your child’s head (and add an extra inch) for reference of how many ribbons you will need to buy. Keep in mind that 1 yard is 36 inches and that different ribbons come in different sizes.
    • Multiply your child’s reference number size by how many kids are expected to show up. Use the conversion above in a proporation to figure out how many yards of ribbon you will need. You should always buy enough to do three more than expected.
  3. stick-on velcro
  4. glue
  5. Decorations
    1. stick-on rhinestones
    2. glitter glue
    3. fabric markers
    4. pom poms
    5. some sort of large pendant


As the kids wait for the party to start and do other party activities, call one child over at a time to measure her head. Mark the measurement down on a piece of paper.

Start cutting the ribbon an inch larger than each child’s measurement. Write each child’s name on the inside (least pretty side) of the ribbon. Attach the velcro at each end and make sure that no sticky velcro is showing that would stick to a little girl’s head.

Set up a table with the craft in advance and give each kid her own crown. Have each kid talk about why she designed her crown a certain way in order to add 15 minutes to the activity.

Balloon Architects


This a fun, creative activity do with a group of any age. The children simply have to inflate and stack the balloons to make a tall balloon tower. This activity costs about $12 and may take 15 minutes to do. You may want to ask the parents of the guests if the child has a latex allergy before committing to this activity.

Materials Needed:

  • 40, standard party balloons
  • 2 rolls of tape
  • something to keep time such as a smartphone timer


Divide the party into two teams. Give each team 20 balloons and a roll of tape. The team that can inflate their balloons and create the tallest tower in ten minutes or less wins the activity.

At the end, you can let the teams pop the balloons.