Balloon Architects


This a fun, creative activity do with a group of any age. The children simply have to inflate and stack the balloons to make a tall balloon tower. This activity costs about $12 and may take 15 minutes to do. You may want to ask the parents of the guests if the child has a latex allergy before committing to this activity.

Materials Needed:

  • 40, standard party balloons
  • 2 rolls of tape
  • something to keep time such as a smartphone timer


Divide the party into two teams. Give each team 20 balloons and a roll of tape. The team that can inflate their balloons and create the tallest tower in ten minutes or less wins the activity.

At the end, you can let the teams pop the balloons.

Moonrise Kingdom BBQ Party


Wow! We’ve had over 500 viewers on the blog since it was started in May 2016! This is a special post to celebrate that. My favorite movie is Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom.” I will be giving you directions for party games and activities as well as foods to serve. Here’s a movie trailer for those of you who don’t know this film:

Here is the idea for this party. Decade: 1960s. Place: Camp Ivanhoe. Event: party mixer for the boys and the girls on the island. Everyone should do their best to dress appropriately. There should be enough videos on Youtube to tell your friends how to dress as though they’re from the 60s. Let’s get started.


Check your phone at the Door

Imagine a phone free night! No worries. No awkward scrolling. We get the same freedom that we left behind in the 20th century. You can tell your guests that only one section of the house or yard will allow cell phones and that’ll be around where you store the cell phones (ideally in individual bags with the owner’s name written on the bag in a locked closet or pantry). The rest of the party should be phone free so that the guests can get on with their real lives rather than experiencing it through a phone screen.

How can they take photos to remember the night? Well, you can tell them to bring their own cameras. CVS still sells disposables. The other alternative is to have a polaroid camera or two floating around the party, but that in itself will pose its own risks.

Design a Patch

Offer a station when the guests first arrive to create their own badge or pin. You can have them do this using felt and glue, beads and safety pins, or just use paper. If you’re really serious, a pin maker will cost you over $115 on Amazon. The pin or patch should represent the guest in some one. Because this is the 1960’s and the time of free love, encourage the guests to trade and exchange these tokens of friendship as the party goes on. You don’t know who’ll end up with whose pin.



You should encourage dancing at the party. Many of the styles of dancing from the sixties may not be known. Encourage your guests to watch the following videos to be prepared to dance during the party:


What kind of a bird are you?

That is one of the most iconic lines from the movie. It can also be a fun party game. Print out small images of birds with their common names (don’t put down the scientific names because no one will know that Columbiforms Columbidae  means your average pigeon). Tape these onto the backs of the guests as they arrive. No one can tell them what bird they are, but they can give hints. For example, if someone gets pigeon taped to their back, a friend can tell them that they’re a rat with wings. They may then immediately understand that they’re a pigeon or they may be even more confused. Here’s a list of some birds for the cards:

  1. Dove
  2. Raven
  3. Sparrow
  4. Chicken
  5. Peacock
  6. Goose
  7. Canadian Goose
  8. Swan
  9. Owl
  10. Hawk
  11. Robin
  12. Bluejay
  13. Cardinal
  14. Bald Eagle
  15. Turkey
  16. Albatross
  17. Penguin
  18. Pigeon
  19. Crane
  20. Flamingo
  21. Mocking bird
  22. Canary
  23. Finch
  24. Parrot
  25. Wood Pecker


Yes, this is a weapon. It’s also a popular camp activity. It’ll be a fun side activity to do while the party is going on. Look for a magnetic set on Amazon so that you’ll minimize the damage done.


Have a fire pit? Make s’mores. This activity will need supervision to make sure that the flaming s’mores someone just made don’t get combined with the archery set to become a completely different activity.

Photo Stand

Set up one of the moonrise kingdom campsites. Leave some props for the guests to put on like Sam’s glasses and coon skin hat, and Suzy’s binoculars. Leave a polaroid camera near the site so that guests can take their own photos.

Movie Screening

Screen the movie if you want to. Get a screen, a projector, and a copy of the movie. Sit everyone down on the ground or warn them to bring towels in advance. You can hand out bowls of popcorn before the movie starts.


  1. hot dogs
  2. hamburgers
  3. corn on the cob
  4. popcorn
  5. s’mores
  6. Old Fashioned punch- here’s a website I found with some old recipes
  7. Water
  8. apple crumble

Party Playlist:

  1. “Laisse Tomber les Filles” France Gall
  2. “Miss Grace” The Tymes
  3. “Kaw-liga” Hank Williams
  4. “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” The Beatles
  5. “Comment tu Dire Adieu” Francoise Hardy
  6. “The Twist” Chubby Checker
  7. “I’m a Believer” The Monkees
  8. “Noir C’est Noir” Johnny Hallyday
  9. “Build me Up Buttercup” The Foundations
  10. “Happy Together” The Turtles
  11. “Le Coeur au Bout des Doigts” Jaqueline Taieb
  12. “Sweet Caroline” Neil Diamond
  13. “Moi je Joue” Brigitte Bardot
  14. “Le Temps De l’Amour” Francoise Hardy
  15. “Pressure Drop” Toots & The Maytals
  16. “Dancing in the Streets” Martha & The Vandellas
  17. “These Boots were Made for Walkin'” Nancy Sinatra
  18. “Wraith Pinned to the Mist” Of Montreal
  19. “Hello, Goodbye” The Beatles
  20. “I love Beach Music” The Embers
  21. “My Girl” The Temptations
  22. “Under the Boardwalk” The Drifters
  23. “Good Vibrations” Beach Boys

Braiding Bar


One of the hottest trends of the 2010’s has been braids.They’re so versatile and look very cool. They’re not very easy to do by yourself. For this activity, you’ll need to hire 1-2 teenagers that are good at braiding. You can ask them to show you their Instagram photos or a braiding portfolio of what they can do before hiring them and set an agreed upon rate.

Materials Needed:

  1. 1-2 teenagers that are good at braiding
  2. 2 or 4 chairs to sit on
  3. a pack of hair ties
  4. 2 combs
  5. comb cleaning solution
  6. an image of different styles that they can braid
  7. a list for the girls to sign up to get their hair braided
  8. optional: fun hair clips, hair spray template, and wash out hair spray


Have the girls set up a booth 2 chairs for them to sit on and 2 chairs for the children to sit on. The girls should sign their name on a piece of paper to create a waiting list to have their hair braided. The little girls should then pick one braid out of a list of hair styles and the teenagers will braid them in order.

Let the parents know in advance if you’re doing this so that they don’t panic when they see that their child’s hair has changed. You can also buy hair templates and wash out hair spray to further decorate the braids. This activity will take a while and is best done with tweens who will have the patience to sit down while their hair is being done for so long.

If you do this, please let us know how it went!

Steven Bomb Party


Whether you’re actually watching a Steven Bomb, are having a binge watch party, or are having a general Steven Universe party, this is a curated list of ideas for the party. This list is for tweens, teens, and college students. Although its a children show, its main following are teens and college students.

Food Ideas:

1: Watermelon Stevens

You’ll need a fresh watermelon (or two depending on how many people are over), a sharp knife to cut the watermelon, and a basic gingerman cookie cutter. Cut out multiple watermelon shaped men that should serve as your watermelon Steven.

2: Fry Bits

You can’t have Beach City without fries. Steven particularly loves the fry bits. All you need to do is to get French Fries (possibly frozen). Prepare them as the recipe suggests and serve.

3: Cookie Cat Ice Cream Sandwiches

You’ll need a cookie cat ice cream sandwich cutter to begin with. I found some good ones on Etsy. Here’s the recipe.

4: Cluster shards

Break off colorful pieces of rock candy using a kitchen mallet. You should get 3-6 colors and mix them together in a bowl.

5: Amethyst’s Donuts

I saw this recipe for delicious looking donuts on a geeky baker’s website. Cooking experience is required, but you should take a look just to drool a little.

6: Fish Stew Pizza

Just order a pizza and put the label for Fish Stew Pizza over the label of the box or by the pizza. No one wants to try experimenting with actual fish stew sauce on pizza unless you have plenty of bathrooms in the house and you don’t mind that you won’t get to watch the show.

7: Alcoholic Beverages

There are a lot of creative ways to make drinks. I don’t have time to taste them all. This blogger seems to have come up with some interesting drinks. If not, just make the group favorites and print out new labels.

8:Steven Tea?

This is what happens when you comb the internet- you find random things. This is a tea you can buy on the internet that was inspired by the show.

9: Peri-guac

Oh, puns. I recommend having a triangular shaped plate for the chips so that you can just dump the chips onto the plate and a circular bowl to put the guacamole in. The guacamole should be presented at the bottom of the plate so that it looks like Peridot’s head and the chips look like Peridot’s hair.

Games and Activites:

1: Become a Gem

Some will be into this more putting on sticker gemstones than others. Get some sticker gem earrings like these and put them in a bowl. People can stick these gems to themselves for the viewing party. You know your friends (and the kids know their friends). Some people may want to come up with their own back stories and share. Let them. If some friends are just content putting the stickers on or not participating, don’t force them to.

2: Fusion Dance

Start off with groups of 2 people. Have them pick a 10-30 second sound bite to dance to.  The dance should end with them frozen together. Give everyone about 10 minutes to learn their dances.

3: Who Said it Game

This is a trivia game to play with friends. The person who is hosting the party should also be the host. Write out these quotes and who said them on a piece of paper or note cards.Read out the quote and have your friends guess who said it. Here are some samples:

  1. “You are your own gem, you control your destiny. Not me.” -Garnet
  2. “I can tell you with certainty that there are things on this planet worth protecting!” -Peridot
  3. “That’s right. You can feel horrible all you want back at the temple.” -Pearl
  4. “Just because you can shapeshift doesn’t mean you should.” -Pearl
  5. “We’re always the bigger gem!” -Ruby
  6. “I forgot how great it feels to be me.” -Sugilite
  7. “‘Go to earth,’ they said. ‘It’ll be easy,’ they said.” -Peridot
  8. “That’s a lie. Your middle name is cutie pie.” -Garnet
  9. “Blink if this means you love me.” -Steven
  10. “You’re not as above this as you think you are!” -Ruby
  11. “I’m just trying to ‘lion’ the mood.” -Amethyst
  12. “Which way to the baby war?” -Amethyst
  13. “Oh, honestly, you call everyone a clod.” -Pearl
  14. “Tiny hands, my only weakness.” -Garnet
  15. “Did you even wonder who I used to be?” -Lapis Lazuli
  16. “You two should spend some time apart.” -Alexandrite
  17. “Fusion is just a cheap trick to make weak gems stronger.” -Jasper
  18. “Let’s stay on this miserable planet together!” -Malachite
  19. “You should sneak me into a PG-13 movie sometime.” -Connie
  20. “All you wanna do, is see me turn into a giant woman.” – Opal
  21. “Ugh, you’re no fun anymore.” -Amethyst
  22. “Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time.” -Pearl
  23. “Look! Over there! Another planet to betray!” -Peridot
  24. “I love you, Tiger Millionaire.” -Lars
  25. “It’ll mess up my funky flow.” -Steven

4: Deactivate the Warp Pads

It’s the duty of the crystal gems to make sure that home world can’t reach Earth. The easiest way for home world to come to Earth would be to come through on a warp pad. When Steven follows the crystal gems on missions to check the warp pads, he leaves a crying breakfast friends sticker on the portal to show that the portal has been checked and is deactivated. Send your guests around the house and yard to send a stamp of approval that the portal has been deactivated. I recommend thinly cutting toilet paper or paper towel rolls to act as the portals. Make about 10-25 portals and hide them both in plain view and in hard to find places. You may tell your guests how many portals there are. Give each guest (or if you have a lot of guests, break them into teams) a designated sticker or character sticker. No talking. They have 5 minutes to find all of the portals you made.

When the timer goes off, you should go around the house to collect all of the portals with your guests and see who the best member of the crystal gems is- the one who made sure the most warp pads were secure.

5: Drinking Game

I honestly don’t get drinking games. You’re not being forced against your will to watch the show. This blogger came up with a drinking game for Steven Universe. Play with alcoholic beverages to get drunk or play with water to get hydrated. Your choice. There are many other versions online. Just do a quick search and many will be pulled up.

6: Steven Bingo

This image was taken off of reddit. You should have everyone fill in their own spots. A list of some bingo spot ideas has been added below:


Potential Bingo Spots:

  1. Gems fuse
  2. Someone cries
  3. Steven cries
  4. A gem gets bubbled
  5. Lion appears
  6. Steven shouts, “no!”
  7. Stars for eyes
  8. Amethyst shape shifts
  9. Rose Quartz is mentioned
  10. Amethyst and Pearl bicker
  11. Rinaldo has a new theory
  12. Lars and Sadie argue
  13. Onion appears
  14. Mention of Yellow Diamond
  15. Mention of the Cluster
  16. A gem eats food
  17. Garnet destroys something
  18. someone sings
  19. Steven’s life is in danger
  20. Steven uses his shield
  21. dog copter
  22. crying breakfast friends
  23. warp pad is used
  24. gems don’t understand human culture
  25. Peridot calls someone a clod
  26. Steven cheers someone up
  27. a new gem appears
  28. a new monster appears
  29. Greg gives a flashback
  30. Steven doesn’t feel human
  31. Steven doesn’t feel like a gem

Who am I Greek Classics


This is a fun game to play with children who have studied the Greek gods and goddesses in school. Even Persy Jackson fans will know the characters. When kids learn about the classics differs from school to school. I’ve seen it taught in fifth grade, sixth grade, and nineth grade at different schools, so the only prerequisite is that the kids have knowledge about the Greek gods and goddesses. Thus, this game is good for ages 12+.

Materials Needed:

  1. notecards
  2. a thick marker or sharpie
  3. any tape


The night before the party, write down a Greek classical figure’s name on each card. Make sure that your child can recognize these figures or that they have often appeared in your child’s homework on the subject. I’ve attached a list of some commonly learned about figures in the classics.

Once you’ve had about 5 kids arrive at the party, you can begin the game while the group waits for the party to start. As more kids arrive explain that that this is a human guess who game about Greek gods and goddesses. You’ll stick a notecard that they can’t see and no one is allowed to tell them who their character is. They have to correctly guess who they are based on the hints that the other kids give them.

The game is over when everyone correctly guesses who they are. Then, you can direct everyone’s attention to a different party activity or game.

Greek Classics Who am I Characters:

  1. Zeus
  2. Hera
  3. Poseidon
  4. Hercules
  5. Athena
  6. Apollo
  7. Aphrodite
  8.  Dionysus
  9. Hermes
  10. Achilles
  11. Odysseus
  12. Icarus
  13. Orpheus
  14. Ares
  15. Artemis
  16. Demeter
  17. Hades
  18. Hestia
  19. Hephaestus
  20. Helen (of Troy)
  21. Socrates
  22. Plato
  23. Aristotle
  24. Nike
  25. Prometheus
  26. Calypso
  27. Circe
  28. Gaea
  29. Adonis
  30. Cupid

2 Truths and a Lie


This is a great ice breaker game for teens and adults. It’s also a great way to see who has a good poker face.The game best when you have a crowd of 6-10 people, but I’ve played it in a larger crowd and had fun. You can play it for free by just having the guests recite their truths and a lie from memory or you can have them write it down on a note card beforehand. I’ve played both ways and I honestly prefer to have the note card. Expect to spend 2-5 minutes per person while playing. The note card version would cost you about $7.

Materials Needed:

  1. notecards
  2. enough writing utensils to go around.


Ask everyone to get into a circle. Tell them the name of the game (and pass out the notecards). Tell them to write down 2 interesting truths and a lie. To goal of the game is to guess the lie.

Go around in an organized circle and try to figure out the lie one person at a time. The group rather than a single person should decide what the lie is.

The Sweetest Ice Breaker


Start the party on a sugary high note with this ice breaker! Have each child pick 1-2 m&m’s that are different colors and then explain that each color of m&m is correlated with a question. Have the kids tell the others what color they have and their answers one at a time in a circle. This will allow the kids that may not know each other to find connections that’ll allow them to play for the rest of the party. 3 packs of m&m’s may cost you $7.

You can substitute m&m’s for other candies such as Skittles, but be aware of the different allergies or dietary restrictions that other kids may have. For instance, Skittles is made with gelatin, which is a meat product that vegetarians can’t eat. Other than that, this is a super fun ice breaker. We played this game at my 16th birthday party.

Materials Needed:

  1. paper with instructions about what each color means
  2. enough m&m’s

Sample Questions:

  1. How did you meet the birthday child?
  2. What is your favorite subject in school?
  3. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  4. What is your favorite color?
  5. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
  6. Who is your favorite Disney Princess?
  7. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  8. Where are you from?
  9. What instrument do you play?
  10. What is your favorite season?
  11. What is your favorite TV show?
  12. Do you have any siblings?
  13. What is your favorite animal?
  14. What is the best joke that you’ve ever heard?
  15. Who is your role model?
  16. What are your hobbies?
  17. What is the coolest thing that you’ve ever done?
  18. What is the nicest thing that you’ve ever done for someone?
  19. What country do you want to visit one day?
  20. What languages do you speak?
  21. Who is your favorite musician?