Capture the Flag 4th of July


The British are coming! The British are coming! Oneth by land, twoth by the pool? Capture the Flag is the perfect game to play at any Fourth of July party. Just add a little bit of independence war spirit, and you’ll have a great party game to entertain the kids and the young at heart.

Materials Needed:

  1. a list of who goes on what team
  2. 2 hula hoops to keep the “flags” in
  3. 2 symbols or flags. Since the American flag isn’t supposed to touch the ground, we suggest replacing the flags with a patriotic pillow and a union jack pillow or with rocks that are painted to look like the flags.


Place the hula hoops on either side of an evenly spaced yard/space. Choose jail spaces. The jails can best be represented with some sort of a net (such as a lacrosse net and/or a soccer net.) Use what you already have. Set the boundaries in the beginning (such as no one can go into the house if they are playing this game). Separate the yard into two even spaces that can act as the safe land for either side.

Separate the group of players into two: the British and the Americans. Make sure that teams are even.

Have everyone start at the farthest end of the barriers. Flag watchers cannot go inside the hula hoops to watch the flags. Anyone can tag a member of the opposite team once that person has left her team’s own territory. Once tagged, that person must go to jail. A jailed team member can only get freed once he/she has been tagged by a member of his/her own team. Then, everyone must go back to their own territory before trying to capture the other team’s flag. Discourage roughhousing. In order to win a round, someone must successfully bring the other team’s flag to his/her team’s territory. Play in as many rounds as you want (but three should be the limit).

The Great Water Balloon Duel


It may be June, but the 4th of July is approaching. Hopefully, you’ll be going somewhere with a pool. If you’re hosting your own party and are expecting many people of various ages to attend, here is an activity to keep every one entertained: the Great Water Balloon Duel!!! Duels were popular in the 1700’s and 1800’s in the United States. Some of our founding fathers even dueled including Alexander Hamilton. I personally, prefer this version of the duel because no one dies.Even if you’re not from the U.S. or planning on celebrating the Fourth of July, this is a fun summer game to play. One pack of water balloons costs between $5-$15.

Materials Needed:

  1. Enough water balloons for the party, which will vary based on your guest list
  2. 2 large buckets or 2 unfilled water coolers
  3. A family bracket with people organized by height
  4. A stick to divide the lawn into two spaces

The Story/ Instructions:

Place a stick of some sort on even ground to divide the playing field in two. Fill up two large buckets with water balloons and place them close to where you would want two lines to form. Each bucket should have its own color to represent 2 sides.

Have everyone partner up with someone that’s the same height as them or close to the same height. Mark everyone’s name down on the bracket based on height. You can and should have multiple brackets that are primarily based on heights. You can decided that anyone 5’2 and above is in the adult bracket and anyone under that height is in the kids bracket. Next, have everyone line up so that there are two lines a partner on either side of the line.

Only one pair can play at a time. Have the dueling pair stand back to back with the stick separating their feet with a water balloon in his or her dominant hand. The competitors should take ten steps as everyone slowly counts to ten. Then, the duelers should turn and throw the water balloon as fast as he or she can. The person who gets hit or is hit the fastest is the loser. Mark the winner’s name down on the bracket and continue. If the balloons miss, then the pair should go to the back of the line.

Repeat until you have a champion dueler.

If you like this or try this, let us know !