Pool Rodeo


Are you thinking of having a cowboy pool party or a poolside family reunion? Then, this pool float is a necessity. It costs over $60 (yikes!) and by the description sounds like a pain in the butt to inflate. It does look really fun and challenging for all ages. At first, I was skeptical about how hard it could be to stay on the bull, but then I saw a bunch of Youtube videos of people testing out the toy and having trouble staying on, such as this celebrity video:

Materials Needed:

  • 1 inflatable bull pool float
  • 1 pool
  • At least 1 responsible adult
  • optional: a stopwatch to keep times
  • optional: hiring a lifeguard for the party might not be a bad idea either



Get all of your materials in place the evening before or the morning of the party. Do not wait until the last minute to try to inflate this thing!

Have the first person get on the bull. They will need help to get on it. Start the timer (if you want to make this a timed competition to see who the rodeo star is), and then have the other members of the party grab onto one of the handles and shake the raft until the person falls off.

Then, write that person’s time down and switch to the next person. Repeat until everyone has ridden the bull.

*A little note on the price, someone on Amazon claimed to have bought this toy off the internet for $48, so this might be one of those items that you have to stalk in order to find at a good price.


Who pooped in the pool? 💩


The poop emoji is EVERYWHERE!!!! This pool game is bound to be a hit with a younger (younger than a tween) crowd. All you need is a poop emoji-shaped pool float, a pool, a responsible adult. Having a certified lifeguard at the party would be a good idea.


Materials Needed:

  • Poop Emoji Float (little poo, medium poo, large poo)
  • a pool
  • a responsible adult
  • (optional) a life guard – in order to get a local certified lifeguard you can either talk to the people at some local organization such as your church or go to your local pool and ask the manager if they know of any lifeguards that would be willing to help supervise your pool party.



This is a shallow end only game. Everyone should be able to walk around with minimal swimming for safety sake. This game is similar to the pool game Marco Polo, but with some changes. Instead of the person being ‘it’ yelling “marco,” the person will ask “Who pooped in the pool?” Then the party guests will “I did!” instead of “polo.” Remember to only play this in your backyard pool and not a public one.

Start off with putting one person on a pool float. This can be the birthday child or a guest of honor. Everyone should start around in a huddle around the emoji pool float once the person has gotten onto the float. The person on the pool float should close their eyes and yell “who pooped in the pool?”

The pool guests will then swim/run away as fast as they can shouting “I did!” The person who is ‘it’ will try to direct the pool float towards people and asking repeatedly “who pooped in the pool?” until they tag someone. That person will then take that person’s place on the pool float.

Play the game as long as you’d like.


The Great Water Balloon Duel


It may be June, but the 4th of July is approaching. Hopefully, you’ll be going somewhere with a pool. If you’re hosting your own party and are expecting many people of various ages to attend, here is an activity to keep every one entertained: the Great Water Balloon Duel!!! Duels were popular in the 1700’s and 1800’s in the United States. Some of our founding fathers even dueled including Alexander Hamilton. I personally, prefer this version of the duel because no one dies.Even if you’re not from the U.S. or planning on celebrating the Fourth of July, this is a fun summer game to play. One pack of water balloons costs between $5-$15.

Materials Needed:

  1. Enough water balloons for the party, which will vary based on your guest list
  2. 2 large buckets or 2 unfilled water coolers
  3. A family bracket with people organized by height
  4. A stick to divide the lawn into two spaces

The Story/ Instructions:

Place a stick of some sort on even ground to divide the playing field in two. Fill up two large buckets with water balloons and place them close to where you would want two lines to form. Each bucket should have its own color to represent 2 sides.

Have everyone partner up with someone that’s the same height as them or close to the same height. Mark everyone’s name down on the bracket based on height. You can and should have multiple brackets that are primarily based on heights. You can decided that anyone 5’2 and above is in the adult bracket and anyone under that height is in the kids bracket. Next, have everyone line up so that there are two lines a partner on either side of the line.

Only one pair can play at a time. Have the dueling pair stand back to back with the stick separating their feet with a water balloon in his or her dominant hand. The competitors should take ten steps as everyone slowly counts to ten. Then, the duelers should turn and throw the water balloon as fast as he or she can. The person who gets hit or is hit the fastest is the loser. Mark the winner’s name down on the bracket and continue. If the balloons miss, then the pair should go to the back of the line.

Repeat until you have a champion dueler.

If you like this or try this, let us know !