Witch Newspaper Fashion Show


This twist on the classic newspaper fashion show game/challenge will delight Halloween party-goers of all ages. This activity can hypothetically be done for about $15 provided that you already have enough scissors and a newspaper subscription. It can entertain party-goers for about an hour.

What You’ll Need:

  • One pair of scissors per team
  • One roll of masking tape per team
  • Two weeks worth of thick newspapers (about a week of only NY Times Sunday paper size)
  • A hat or bin
  • A blank piece of paper
  • (Optional) construction paper and/or glue and/or glitter and/or markers


Write/print the following list onto a piece of paper and cut out each prompt. Mix up the prompts and stick them in a hat or a bucket.


The good witch

The wicked witch of the west

The wicked witch of the east

The candy witch

Hogwarts witch

Teenage witch

Princess witch

The rich witch

The pumpkin witch

The Southern belle witch

The movie star witch

Before the party starts, make sure that you have enough scissors and tape for each group. Divide up the newspapers equally for each group. Split the party up into equal groups. Have a member from each group pick a witch prompt from the hat/bucket. Give them about 15 minutes to brainstorm and about 30- 45 minutes to create. At the end, have the witch models walk down a designated runway to Halloween music and have the group explain the design.

Optional: give prizes such as ‘wicked,’ ‘most creative,’ ‘cutest,’ ‘funniest,’ ‘judge’s pick,’ and ‘most likely to cast a spell on our hearts.’

Halloween Trivia


Want to gather some friends for a trivia night but don’t have time to come up with the trivia questions? We got you covered! The following trivia questions are multiple choice and you can pick and choose as you like based on the age group that you’re hosting trivia night for. Copy and paste your favorite ones into a separate document to read from during your hosted trivia night!

Materials Needed:

  • A trivia sheet to read to your guests

Sample Trivia Ideas:


  1. Why was the color  orange associated with Halloween?
    • A) It’s a color of the fall harvest
    • B) Pumpkins are orange
    • C) The sunset tends to look orange on Halloween
    • D) Fire can sometimes look orange
  2. Why was the color black associated with Halloween?
    • A) Halloween takes place at night
    • B) It’s a color of darkness and death
    • C) It is the color of most scary spiders
    • D) Witches tend to wear the color black
  3. From which country did Halloween originate?
    • A) Spain
    • B) France
    • C) Ireland
    • D) Transylvania
  4. What is a pumpkin?
    • A) not edible
    • B) cake
    • C) vegetable
    • C) fruit
  5. What is the most popular candy to buy for trick-or-treaters?
    • A) Chocolate
    • B) Taffy
    • C) Jelly
    • D) Lollipops
  6. Why do people traditionally dress as scary creatures on Halloween?
    • A) to scare people into giving them candy
    • B) to blend in with the spirits walking the Earth
    • C) to gain favor with the spirits
    • D) to confuse witches
  7. Which of the following isn’t a traditional wiccan (witch) symbol?
    • A) black cats
    • B) spiders
    • C) toads
    • D) bats
  8. Which presidential ghost haunts the White House and is seen in times of trouble?
    • A) George Washington
    • B) Ronald Reagan
    • C) Barack Obama
    • D) Abraham Lincoln
  9. What were the first jack-o-lanturns made from?
    • A) turnips
    • B) apples
    • C) watermelons
    • D) pumpkins
  10. Which two book characters were the most popular Halloween costume for 2001?
    • A) Katniss and Peeta
    • B) Percy and Annabeth
    • C) Harry and Hermoine
    • D) Thing One and Thing Two


  1. Where was Candy corn invented?
    • A) Pennsylvania It was invented by the Wunderle Candy Company of Philadelphia in the 1880’s  
    • B) Massachusetts
    • C) California
    • D) Iowa
  2. Who wrote the novel Frankenstein?
    • A) Count Dracula
    • B) Mary Shelley
    • C) Charles Dickens
    • D) Herman Melville
  3. What novel was “Rocky Horror Picture Show” based on?
    • A) Count Dracula
    • B) The Odyssey
    • C) Frankenstein
    • D) Rocky
  4. What was the name of the actor who played Dr. Frank-n-Furter in “Rocky Horror Picture Show?”
    • A) Jim Carrey
    • B) Steve Harvey
    • C) Tom Jones
    • D) Tim Curry
  5. Who directed the movie “the Nightmare Before Christmas?”
    • A) Richard Scary
    • B) Henry Selick
    • C) Tim Burton
    • D) Tom Jones
  6. What is the grim reaper called in some celtic villages?
    • A) Thanatos
    • B) Yama
    • C) Uncle
    • D) Santa Meutre
  7. Which of the following mean fear of Halloween?
    • A) Hadephobia
    • B) Gallophobia
    • C) Dextrophobia
    • D) Samhainophobia
  8. How old is Halloween thought to be?
    • A) 6,000 years old
    • B) 2,000 years old
    • C) 500 years old
    • D) 250 years old
  9. What prank item is illegal to use in Hollywood?
    • A) toilet paper
    • B) silly string
    • C) eggs
    • D) fake poo
  10. Which classic Halloween film was not a Disney Channel Original movie?
    • A) Hocus Pocus
    • B) Halloweentown
    • C) Nightmare Before Christmas
    • D) Mom’s got a Date with a Vampire
  11. What are the three witches’ names from “Hocus Pocus?”
    • A) Winifred, Mary, and Sarah
    •  B) Mildred, Bette, and Wilma
    • C) Hannah, Agnes, and Bertha
    • D) Regina, Lousia, and Georgia
  12. What was the top Halloween costume for 1993?
    • A) Sabrina the Teenage witch
    • B) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • C) Spongebob Squarepants
    • D) Simba from the Lion King
  13. What was the top Halloween costume for 1999?
    • A) Jesse from Toy Story
    • B) Tarzan
    • C) Neo from the Matrix
    • D) Austin Powers


  1. According to superstition, if you stare into a mirror on at midnight on Halloween you’ll see what?
    • A) your future husband or wife
    • B) what you’ll look like when you die
    • C) Bloody Mary
    • D) the hard truth
  2. Which ancient Celtic festival does Halloween have its origins from?
    • A) Beltane
    • B) Samhain
    • C) Lughnasadh
    • D) Imbolc
  3. According to superstition, what ability does a person have if they were born on Halloween?
    • A) Ability to get the most candy
    • B) Ability to not get scared easily
    • C) Ability to see and talk to spirits
    • D) Ability to huant someone even before they’re dead
  4. How many people were hanged during the Salem witch trials?
    • A) one
    • B) thirteen
    • C) nineteen
    • D) twenty-six
  5. What does the word with translate to in old English?
    • A) old lady
    • B) person at one with nature
    • C) devil-worshipper
    • D) Wise Woman
  6. How much did the largest pumpkin on record weigh?
    • A) 836 lb
    • B) 777 lb
    • C) 665 lb
    • D) 313 lb
  7. According to legend, how can one see a witch at midnight on Halloween?
    • A) you light a candle in the fireplace
    • B) you wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards
    • C) you dress like a witch
    • D) you read Shakespeare’s Scottish play (MacBeth) aloud
  8. A mask of what famous actor was used in the original movie “Halloween?”
    • A) Will Smith
    • B) Ronald Reagan
    • C) William Shatner
    • D) Leonard Nemoy
  9. What was the original title of the film “Halloween?”
    • A) The Knife Killer
    • B) Hallow’s Eve
    • C) Mudergeist
    • D) The Babysitter Murders
  10. What was the most popular Halloween costume for 2007?
    • A) Hannah Montana
    • B) Spiderman
    • C) Barack Obama
    • D) Harry Potter
  11. What was the most popular Halloween costume for 2009?
    • A) Bella Swan
    • B) Edward Cullen
    • C) Tiana from Princess and the Frog
    • D) Spongebob Squarepants

Monster Cameo Game


What better way to celebrate Halloween than to have a dress up game. This would be a fun game for tween and teen girls. It’ll also work well for a sleepover. It would be best to make sure that your guests don’t come dressed up to this monster mash party. Use what you can find around the house. This game can take up to an hour and a half to play.

Materials Needed:

  1. 2 sets of children’s make up and/or monster make up
  2. a pile of clothes that the kids can use
  3. a pile of accessories the kids can use
  4. something to keep time
  5. optional: make up remover


Before the kids arrive, copy and paste the following list into a program such as Microsoft Word that you can print from:


Count Dracula



Harry Potter



Bella Swan

Edward Cullen





Killer Robot

Killer Robot



Creepy Clown

Creepy Clown


Wicked Witch of the West

Glinda, the good witch

Salem, the cat

Sabrina, the teenage witch

Once you’ve printed out the list, cut it up into strips and put them in a bowl before the party starts. When you’re ready to play the game, show everyone the piles of clothing and accessories and tell them that we’re playing celebrity cameo. You’ll divide the parties up into 2 teams (no whining). Then the teams will choose their first person to dress up.

That person will choose a slip from the bowl without telling the other team. The rest of his or her team has 5 minutes to make them up. After five minutes has passed, switch people until a whole, spooky cast has been created. Lastly, have each group make up a skit and perform it using all of its characters.

When its done, give the children an option to take off the make up using make up wipes.

DIY Pumpkin Halloween Candles


Looking for a fun craft for tween girls at a Halloween party? Look no farther than this craft! You should have some extra help to keep an eye on the tweens if you have more than six girls coming to the party. The instructions down below make 6 Halloween jar candles. This craft should cost about $49.

Materials Needed:

  1. 6 clean jars
  2. black acrylic paint
  3. optional: yellow and mustard acrylic paint
  4. enough paint brushes for everyone.
  5. 2 pounds of paraffin wax
  6. 6 pencils, chopsticks, or other like items
  7. a glass bowl
  8. scented essential oils
  9. candle wick
  10. optional: smocks
  11. Pumpkin or orange colored candle dye (Found this here for about $7)
  12. sharpie


Just because you can trust the kids, I mean responsible tweens, with candles doesn’t mean that you can trust them to not make a mess. Lay out garbage bags or newspaper on the table or surface that you’ll be making the candles on.

Now you have two options. You can either poor the candles for them and just have them paint or you can make sure that each child is actively involved in this craft. Because these are tweens, I would suggest letting each child be actively involved in the craft.

Route 1: Doing it in advance

If you’re going to do it all in advance and just let the kids paint the jars, then these are the instructions for you. First, tie pieces of the wick string around the pencils or whatever you’re using. Wrap it around a few times.Make sure that the wick is the height of the jar. If not, wrap it around the pencil again. Lay your pencil or like object across the top of the jar so that the string hangs down in the center. Yes, it should be centered.

Before you consider putting in essential oils into the candles, you should ask the parents if there are any specific scents that the child is sensitive or allergic to. For instance, my mom is highly sensitive to eucalyptus and she can’t be in the same room as the scent. You don’t want that to happen with this craft. You should consider getting essential oil scents that are tied to the season or orange color of the candles such as tangerine, orange, nutmeg, grapefruit, cinnamon, apple, or pumpkin spice. Now that you have it and its the day or morning before the party, add several drops of essential oil into each glass jar.

Next, you should put your attention on the 2 pounds of paraffin wax on the other side of the table. You may have noticed that these are white or opaque and we want to have orange candles. This is Halloween! You’ll need a half a block or so (depending on the candle dye that you bought) to mix in with your candle. I won’t describe that here because the dye should come with instructions.

Carefully poor the melted wax into the jars. When the wax is solid, you should trim the wicks. Place the jars around the table on the day of the party.

You might want to consider having the kids wear smocks because acrylic paint isn’t washable (believe me, I’ve been relentlessly trying to get it off my favorite coat for over a year now). I would recommend pouring the black paint into small, paper bowls and putting some paint brushes in the paint already.

The girls should draw a jack-o-lanturn face. I suggested buying yellow and mustard paint in case you know that your child and/or child’s friends are more artistic and would like do paint a lit jack-o-lanturn that has dimension. Put a piece of paper with each girl’s name on it on every candle so that you know which jar belongs to which person.

Route 2: Letting the Kids do it

First, give every girl a jar and have them write their names on the bottom of the jars. Bring out small, paper bowls filled with black, acrylic paint and give every girl a paint brush. If you know that your child and your child’s friends are a little more artistically gifted, you should bring out the yellow and mustard paint so that they can make their candles look like lit jack-o-lanturns.

You should have measured out the wick and cut them in advance. Wrap the wick around a pencil or another similarly shaped object so that the wick is the perfect measurement. It should touch the bottom of the jar when the pencil is laid across the top of the jar. Make sure that your wick is centered!

You should buy a couple different essential oil scents so that the kids can decide which one to use. If you decide that you’re only going to buy one, then you should ask the parents of your child’s friends if they’re allergic or have a strong reaction to any scent. Have the kids add several drops of essential oils to her jar.

Next, you should put your attention on the 2 pounds of paraffin wax on the other side of the table. You may have noticed that these are white or opaque and we want to have orange candles. This is Halloween! You’ll need a half a block or so (depending on the candle dye that you bought) to mix in with your candle. I won’t describe that here because the dye should come with instructions.

Carefully poor the melted wax into the jars. This would be a bad task to let the kids do by themselves. You need to help them with this. When the wax is solid, have the kids trim the wick.

Voila! Perfect Halloween Jack-o-lanturn candles!

Villain Take Over Party


There used to be a TV show on called “House of Mouse” that repurposed old Disney cartoons in a nightclub that felt more like a celebrity comedy club. They once had a special in which the Disney Villains took over the club and kicked the good guys out. This is what this party theme is based off of, except different. The hosts of the party will need to dress up as Disney Villains and should ask the guests in the party invitation to dress up as either a cartoon Disney Villain or Hero. Disney’s other franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel shouldn’t be permitted. You should split the guests up evenly into 2 teams: the good guys and the bad guys. Both teams will try to figure out what happened to Mickey Mouse throughout the duration of the party, but this is by no means the only activity that should happen during the party. This is just the theming. I will include a list of other fun games, foods, and the instructions on how to set up the mystery.

This is designed for young adults and tweens, but children will also enjoy playing this game.

Other games:

  1. coloring station- there are tons of free printable activities from Disney that you can find online such as Finding Dory, Wreck it Ralph, Winnie the Pooh, Lady and the Tramp, or have some intricate Disney inspired coloring designs. You can take advantage of this and create a coloring/activity station if you’re expecting some young party guests.
  2. Donald Duck Ring Toss
  3.  character piñata

Food Ideas:

  1. Mickey Mouse Nachos- It used to be Mickey’s club. Now it’s your club and you can use that vain mouse’s chips to feed your party guests. You’ll need a Mickey Mouse head shaped cookie cutter and tortillas to begin with. Here is the full recipe. Watch how to make them here.
  2. Mickey Mouse Grilled Cheese- you’ll still need that Mickey Mouse cookie cutter. Here is the full recipe.
  3. Enchanted Roses- You couldn’t get the spell right to make the enchanted rose in Beast’s castle. Oh well, the roses that you made in stead are delicious and taste like apples. Yum! Full recipe here! You can also view the recipe being made here.
  4. Poisoned Apple Cake Pops: The Evil Queen couldn’t have come to the party without leaving her mark. Learn how to make these delicious bite-sized treats for your own party.
  5. Pretzel Broom Sticks: The Fantasia brooms are back… and they’re delicious. Lucky for us, they’re also easy to make. Here’s the recipe.
  6. Grubby Gnocchi bites: This idea was inspired by this video. Gnocchi, usually a potato dumpling, sometimes feels as though you’re eating a grab because of the ridges and soft squishy insides. Make this recipe and add in some veggies. You should use either a butter or cream sauce. Feel free to buy them at the store rather than making it yourself. For the party, spoon your grubby creations into small bowls so that the guests can still walk around and mingle.
  7. Pooh’s Hunny Pots: You kicked the good guys out and you stole Pooh’s hunny pots! How cruel! This recipe is for those who know what they’re doing because it looks much easier to make than it actually is. Here is a video on how to make it.
  8. Alcoholic beverage: Seeing Spots created by Cocktails by Cody. Here is a video on how to make it.
  9. Alcoholic Beverage: The Red Queen. This is the Queen’s favorite drink. She didn’t want Alice to know about it, but someone put the instructions on how to make it on the internet.
  10. Alcoholic Beverage: Royal Vizier. Jafar’s biggest impact on Agrabah was actually creating a royal drink that he named after his position. Try it out.

Materials Needed and costs for the puzzle:

  1. A mickey mouse plush- $20
  2. Either a rope of some sort or rolled toilet paper
  3. a printer with ink
  4. a box of plastic forks, knives, and/or spoons- $7
  5. black sharpie- $2
  6. a combination lock- $5
  7. a black light-$6
  8. black light marker-$3
  9. sticks to make a ransacked looking bird’s nest
  10. a book shelf or pile of books


Divide up your guest list into people that you want to ask to dress up as heroes or villains. Send out those invitations and wait to here back from everyone. You may want to send out invites in waves so that you can better keep track of how many villains are coming and how many heroes are coming.

You should prepare the activities about a week before the party. Start with preparing Mickey Mouse. You should buy or use a Mickey Mouse plush toy that you can easily stuff into a hiding place. Tie a ripe with some tape or twist some toilet paper into twine and wrap it around Micky Mouse. He should look like a hostage when you’re done. You may not want to hide him just yet or if you do, temporarily put him in a space that you know is safe such as where you’d store the Christmas presents. This doesn’t matter so much if you don’t have a kid that you need to worry about or a spouse who is bad at keeping secrets. On the day of the party, you should put Mickey in a hiding spot in the party area that no one will think to look or that no one can access without a key.

The first task will be a hidden word search. Copies of this word search should be floating around the party. There’s a hidden message in it though. Mickey Mouse is still alive talk to scuttle the seagull. The guests that are interested in solving the mystery will proceed to the next clue station.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 6.00.55 PM

Clue station 2: Scuttle’s nest. Don’t worry, you won’t need to buy or print out a seagull of any sort. Scuttle flew the coop when he saw the bad guys come to the party, but he left hints scratched into the dinglehoppers. Clever seagull. You will need a box of plastic forks, knives, and/or spoons for this as well as a permanent marker. For a younger crowd or people that don’t want to be plunged too far into the puzzle, you should make each piece of silver ware a word: I-Saw-the-shadow-of-the-person-who-took-mickey-mouse-.-He-was-strong-. If you want to make it a little more challenging, I would put 1-3 letters at a time on a silverware. I-saw-the-sha-dow-of-the-per-son-who-too-k-mic-key-mou-se-.-He-was-str-ong.

These words should be scattered about in a messy nest of some sort. You can bring some sticks from inside in or buy a bird’s nest online. It would be great if it wasn’t in tact because then it would seem as though the villains had rummaged through Scuttle’s nest. It will take the guests some time to figure out what to do, but you may want to write on either a board or a piece of paper: “Scuttle’s Nest. Out at Sea.”

Clue Station 3: the shadow test. The story behind this is that just like Peter Pan’s shadow could separate itself from Peter, the other Disney character’s shadows can be removed to with some of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust. They all have something to say as well. You’ll need a black light pen, a black light, and a printer to prepare this activity. First of all, print out all of these silhouettes so that each out them takes up a majority of their own separate piece of paper:

When you’ve finished printing all of these villains out, take your black light marker and write on one of the character’s shadows any of the phrases below as a tester to see if it works. Check it with the black light. Here is what you should write on each character’s silhouette:

  • Stitch- me good
  • Peter Pan- I was in Neverland
  • Merida- Why?
  • Pete- I was making breakfast
  • Jafar- petting pet snake
  • Gaston- go do something useless like reading a book

Clue station 3: If you haven’t guessed, you will be sending your guests to the book shelf. You will need to have a book shelf or a pile of books of some sort in the party area. Print out the golden snake (Jafar’s clue) below to use as the bookmark for where you will stick the next clue.

First, you should write the clue letter. Pick a pen that writes in maroon, red, or plum ink. Write the following list in the fanciest, loopy script that you can: 1 rope, 2 fog machines, 1 mouse, 1 (wherever you’re hiding Mickey Mouse such as a chest), and 1 anniversary flowers. Draw a neat line through every word other than the anniversary flowers. You should have chosen a space to stick Mickey Mouse that isn’t in plain sight and that can be locked using a combination lock. Pick a book to stick your golden snake book mark. The page of that book should be the combination to undo the lock. For instance, you should put the snake and list on the 119th page of the book if the combination to undo the lock is 119.

If you want to really throw your guests off, then you should also print out a spatula book mark. Pete had once been a villain, but he kind of has redeemed himself to an extant in the world of the House of Mouse. Write a separate list to stick in the book marked with the spatula. This list should be a grocery shopping list. You can stick this on whatever page you want.


Clue Station 4: They’re almost done solving the mystery. Actually, they’re done. They just have to figure out where the chest or thing that you hid Mickey in is. If you want to throw them off, you should have multiples of the thing you hid Mickey in with different locks.


Once everyone has arrived, you should gather everyone around and make the announcement that Mickey Mouse is missing: “Can I have everyone’s attention? You thought that you came here tonight to celebrate Disney villains and heroes. We villains have taken Mickey Mouse and you’ll never find him. We shall spend the night deciding who is better through mini games for team hero and team villain. The team that figures out where Mickey Mouse would win the night if they could figure this out, but no one will really figure that out.”

Decoration Ideas:

  1. Character pumpkin carving- what happened to some of the good guys? They were turned into pumpkins! Oh no! Here are some templates I found online:
    1. Ariel from The Little Mermaid
    2. Snow White
    3. Donald Duck in devil costume
    4. Laughing Tigger
    5. Winnie the Pooh
    6. Cruella De Vil
    7. Cheshire Cat
    8. Tinker bell
  2. Streamers- if you have a space that will allow streamers, use a purple streamer and a black streamer together. The more the streamers twist, the better it will look.  You can then add construction paper jack-o-lanturns to make it look super cute!
  3. Printable Disney Villains Happy Halloween sign- this will look perfect over the refreshment table. Don’t believe me? Take a look!
  4. Disney Villain centerpiece lights- You’ll need electronic tea lights and a printer to make these adorable centerpieces. Here’s the link.


Spooky Glow Toss


This is a fun game for a crowd that won’t mind being in the dark (12+). It even works well for sleepovers. Our focus, however, is on Halloween Glow toss. The following paragraphs will detail ideas about how to theme the ring toss sections. The more complex of course that you design, the longer the kids will enjoy playing the game. You also have the option of assigning points to different tosses. In order to do this, you should decide a points scale such as 100-1,000 by difficulty, fold black or dark construction paper into name cards that can stand up on their own, and then paint the desired value of toss on the card using glow in the dark paint.

The first step in deciding what to make ring toss goals would be to check to see what Halloween decorations you already have and have decorated with. It’ll be better to use what you already have. Here are some ideas:

  1. black cat- your standard black cat decoration has two possible places that a ring could be tossed on to it. The head would be the easiest part of the cat decoration to get the ring on to. The tail would be the hardest part to get the ring on to.
  2. top of the pumpkin- some pumpkins have very long stems. That type of pumpkin would be perfect to use for ring toss. (You get bonus points if it’s a jack-o-lanturn).
  3. zombie hands- You will have to test this idea out to see how well the ring can get around the rubber arm popping out of the ground. This would be a pretty funny ring toss option.
  4. twisty tree ghost- a twisty tree ghost is a ghost decoration that wraps around the tree or a pole of some sort. Use the tail and one arm to wrap around the tree. Use the other to reach outwards as a ring toss hook.
  5. End of a witch’s broom- most witch decorations come with a broom for the scary witch to “fly” on. You can use the end of one of these as a ring toss catch.
  6. Construction paper witch hats- use construction paper to make a witch hat. Reinforce it with some cardboard to create a fun ring toss challenge.

Essential Materials Needed:

  1. Enough glow rings for everyone (About $10 for a pack of 6)
  2. construction paper ($7)
  3. glow paint ($9)
  4. a paint brush ($1)
  5. any of the decorations above


Identify what you can use for ring toss in your yard or house. Create the cards as suggested and place them next to the targets.

You can play this game in two ways. One way would be to set it up like mini golf in that the kids have to travel from one ring toss section to the other in order to play all of the challenges that you’ve created. The other option would be to have the kids each get 3-5 glow rings that are necklace sized. Have the kids get in a line and play ring toss one at a time.

Spooky Leaf Maze


You’re neighbors may wonder why you’re leaving a yard a mess, but they’ll marvel at the result. If you live in a temperate climate where the leaves change, then you probably know the pain of keeping your yard leaf-free. From what I’ve seen, toddlers up to first grade seem to love the game out of any age group. Creating this activity is free and how long it entertains the kids will depend on how long and complicated the maze is.Don’t make it too complicated so that the kids will want to give up. What’s so spooky about it? You can either make it spooky or think about what those leaves actually are… JK. It’s just a fun activity that’ll work well for a Fall party.

Materials Needed:

  1. A yard leaf coverage of about a half an inch
  2. a rake
  3. some artistic ability


You can either grab a relatively easy looking maze from one of your child’s activities books or you can make one up in your head. The coolest patterns that I’ve seen are circular in design and kind of mimic the UFO field patterns. Rake the leaves into your chosen pattern. The pathway is the cleared leaf path and the leaf piles are the walls. This may take an hour to an hour and a half to complete depending on the size of your yard, the size of the maze, and how many leaves are in your yard.

There are two options of how you want the kids to try to go through the maze. You can either have the children run through the maze from end to end or you can have them try to figure out the how to get to objects you’ve hidden in the maze. This would be a good way to transition the kids into the next activity. For instance, you could leave a clock, a magnet of the number 4, and a plastic, toy cake in different “wrong turns” of the maze. The kids that want to finish as quickly as possible will and the ones that want to search for how to get to the clues. Then they have to put together the items and figure out that it’s time for cake!

If you end up doing this activity, please let us know how it went!