The Hunt for the Unicorn


Ah… the hunt for the unicorn. It’s both a fun scavenger hunt for kids and my favorite tapestry series. At the end of the hunt, each kid should go home with their own unicorn. The estimated cost is about $28 assuming that you have a printer at home and this activity may take 5-15 minutes to play. This game will work well for kids aged 6+ who can read. You should still watch over them to make sure that they can follow the clues correctly and to make sure that everyone gets at least one goody per station (if you are going to give a goody bag filler at each station). This should be the last activity before bringing out the cake or before sending the kids home with their parents. the unicorns would work well as a goody bag present.

Optional: You can put little party favors or candies in bowls next to where the children find the next clue poem as a reward and goody/party bag filler. 

Items Needed:

  1. Plush unicorns. I found a dozen unicorns for $18.
  2. Tape to put up the rhymes (consider using painter’s tape to hang the images and rhymes on the walls when playing indoors).
  3. A printer to print out the rhymes
  4. bucket or basket to put all of the unicorns in  ~ $5
  5. A Goody/party bag to put the unicorns and any other treasure found in ~ $5


Print out the clues with their images and tape them around the house/party space. They should follow logically (ex clue x, clue y, and clue z) rather than randomly placing the clues around the house so that the kids have to back track over old clue spots. If possible, the unicorns should be hidden in a different room or part of the yard (if you are playing outside), so that they will not be discovered before all of the clues are solved.

The game ends when the children find the unicorns. Each child should go home with a plush unicorn at the end of the riddle hunt.


A bunch of lonely unicorns heard that its (insert child’s name here)‘s birthday today, so they decided to join the party in secret. They’re hiding somewhere around here and they’ve left clues as to where they may be hiding.

Our first clue from the unicorns says: “Before electricity, humans used to keep their homes warm with tapestries/ look for the photo of an ancient art/ now rush off with all of your hearts!

Clues and Answers:

1: “Before electricity, humans used to keep their homes warm with tapestries/ look for the photo of an ancient art/ now rush off with all of your hearts!


2: “Look carefully at the art up on the wall and look around the room for the creature in the photo who is soft, has long ears, and isn’t that tall.”


3: “Bunnies and Unicorns share a favorite food/ Eating it will put you in a good mood.”


4: Follow the hoof prints around the room / To some unicorns that want to go home with you.

Use the attached hoof prints (printing out as many as you’s like) to guide the kids to the hiding spot of the unicorns.


Pool Float Races


Cool pool floats are everywhere! They’re at Urban Outfitters, Target, Kohl’s, and are all over instagram. You finally caved and bought one (or are maybe thinking of buying one). Now what? Well, why not have a whacky relay race? This game will be fun for all ages whether at a 4th of July party or for your child’s 7th birthday party.

Ideas Based on Popular Pool Floats (with links through

  1. Mermaid races (2 mermaid pool floats)
  2. The 4th of July (1 American flag pool float and one either red or Union Jack pool float)
  3. Battle of the Swans (1 black swan pool float and 1 white swan pool float)
  4. Unicorn races (2 unicorn pool floats)
  5. Candy races (1 piece of candy float and another piece of candy float)

Materials Needed:

  • 2 pool floats
  • 1 pool
  • At least 1 responsible adult


Split the party up into 2 groups. Each group will be assigned to a pool float. The kids will race to get their pool float from one side of the pool to the other. When one member finishes a lap, the next member of the team can jump on the pool float (which may be more or less difficult), and try to make it over to the other side of the pool and back before the other kid does. Keep going until one group has had all of its team members do a lap. The team that gets all of its players to return faster than the other team will win.